I Love You

I love you.
Three tiny words.
I love you.
It’s so hard to say it to someone you REALLY love for fear of being rejected.
It’s so hard to say it to someone because they have not said it to you first.
It’s so hard to say it aloud for being judged, laughed at or not taken seriously.
Why is that?
And yet. You hear it frequently at the end of a conversation. Kinda like “goodbye.”
I’ve said it.
How do you use or say those three tiny words? DO you say those three tiny words?
What I really wanted to share with you beyond how these words or sentiments are thrown around rather cavalierly, is
How important it is to say it to YOURSELF!
Your self love is foundational in many things, first and foremost how you see, value and approach life; how you treat yourself and allow others to treat you; the quality of your life — mentally, physically, spiritually.
Can you look...
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Supporting Each Other is What it's All About

Recently I stopped at a lemonade stand, took out a dollar and gave it to the girl with long blond hair and a huge smile on her face. She asked if I wanted some lemonade. No. You have one on me; I just wanted to support your entrepreneurial spirit. And with countless thank yous and you’re welcomes we both went back to what we were doing.

I know she won’t forget that moment. Sometime in her future when she struggles between doing what’s easy or following her heart, she’ll remember there was this lady who stopped and gave her a dollar and validated her vision.


I had a huge aha around the word support today.

I love to both support people and endeavors that are important to me and to feel supported by others.

It makes me feel seen, valued and validated in who I am.

I knew this. And today I saw it in a deeper way.

Because it’s important to me, I naturally bring this type of support and validation into my work.

I am super excited to invite you to be...

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Empowering Yourself to Begin

I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I had a huge, life altering realization.

I had been waiting for someone ELSE to do something, be someone so I could fall in line with that.

Today I see the utter bullshit of that. But I have come a very long way since then — about 25 years — since that awareness.

Where are you waiting to live?

What are you waiting to have happen so you can ______?

You are the one who gets to call the shots of your life.

You are the one who gets to choose to put your car in drive and then which gear to drive in.

What will you choose?

Stop waiting. First gear is better than being at a stand still.

I can help. My free resource, 3 Things Stopping You From Putting Yourself First, will help you see and learn how to put yourself first. When you do that, you naturally put your foot on the clutch and put the car into first gear and begin your journey.


It’s one of my favorite words.


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Hold Your Vision Through the Chaos

transformation vision Jul 22, 2021

The closer the date came, the more I found myself “nesting.” (ha! a nice way of saying removing EVERYTHING from the bathroom!) My bathroom was in my living room and my new bathroom was in boxes in the garage. Bedlam. Chaos.

Since April I have been planning for and eagerly waiting for my bathroom to be renovated. When I scheduled the contractor, I was somewhat disappointed he was booking so far out, but in the end it allowed me to make the decisions , “incubate” the changes I wanted, slowly. A lot goes into a renovation, and the order you choose things is important!

My coach reminded me (even a coach needs a coach!) that this process was very much like giving birth to a human. And indeed it was. I began to embody this truth at an even deeper level.

Each choice I made was intentional. And I put intentions into the project itself. If you know anything about feng shui, the bathroom is partially in Wealth and Fame/Reputation. I took that knowledge and infused it...

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No Competition in Heaven?

I’ve heard it said in Heaven there is no competition.

That means, to me, there will be no soccer. And that makes me sad.

You see, I’m a complete and utter soccer nerd. Specifically, high level soccer, like European soccer and tournaments such as the World Cup and the EURO tournament.

Currently the Semi Finals are coming up in the EURO 2020 competition.

I am not approachable when I am watching soccer.

My father used to say “Ruhe!” as a game started. “SILENCE!”

Let’s just say I’m glad these tournaments come along every few years — otherwise I would get nothing done.

Where in your life are you so sure of yourself that your boundaries unequivocal?

Where in your life do you need to establish boundaries so you may create whatever it is you are seeking, or longing, to create?

To create boundaries, you must know how to say YES to yourself. You must become aware of your habits that are denying yourself from being what I call “first...

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I Dare You to Stretch Your Wings!

I looked outside to see what the ruckus was about and saw 3 baby bluejays. How they got on the driveway and my steps I don’t know! But they were not brave enough to fly away!

Over the course of a few days the excitement built. I was even scolded for looking at a baby up in the lilac tree from my deck! [Literally, I just looked and one of the babies flew into the lilac tree to the exact same place. I don’t dare get up!]

From “day 1” to day 2 baby number 3 was lost. Of the two remaining babies, it was easy to see which was older than the other — the feathers were more distinct on the older bird and it was just a bit larger and more bold.

This morning, day 4, one was sitting on the berm and he was quite pudgy!

It’s been delightful to literally watch the stretching of the wings, trying them out. You could almost hear the inner dialogue: wow, that feels kinda good. Oh! I want to fly up into that tree, it isn’t that far…. and then the wee...

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Fire Within - The Quintessential Woman

I’d like you to meet someone.
She is you. She is a version of you you have forgotten about, hidden away deep within your belly.
She can wield the power of Fire, among so many other things. But let’s start here.
Fire can be creative as well as destructive. It has motion rather than inaction.
Fire transforms.
It is time for you to transform as you delve inside your belly to find her, the Quintessential Woman.
The movement begins soon. Stay in the Know by letting me know you're ready to meet her.
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Doing something different yields different results

We all wear hats. All different shapes and sizes, colors and materials. Some suit us, some don’t. Some fit ok and some make us shine. Some worked once upon a time, but now we are so comfortable with them hanging around, it has never occurred to us to let them go.

Some hats overlap with others. You might find yourself trying to pull your roles apart and you know what? They are so entangled you can’t.

I participated in a three day virtual retreat last week. A good portion was dedicated to six hats of the Entrepreneur. It highlighted what hats I shine in wearing and what hats I just as soon toss in the trash.

Some hats are necessary to wear but they constrict and bite and are uncomfortable.

==> Are you following a path wearing the wrong hat?

==> Or wearing a hat that fits great but no longer suits you?

==> Do you recognize which hats make you shine the brightest?

Are you weary of all the hats in your closet and wandering down the path looking for a hat that is...

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The Sneaky Side of Grief

This chair.
It's older than I am.
My dad bought it for my mom when she was pregnant with me.
I don't even remember how it came to be mine? It's weird how sometimes I remember EVERYTHING about an experience, a thing and sometimes I have no idea ....
Why am I sharing this chair with you today? Because it's a weekend. And the last several weekends I have wanted to sit myself in this chair and call my mom.
I used to call her once a week - usually on a weekend. She was so funny in her inconsistencies. Sometimes she would talk and talk and talk. (I would put her on speaker and just listen) And sometimes she would say a few words, too busy or distracted to chat and the conversation would be over in just a few minutes.
I was grateful when she recognized my voice and had delight in hers.
Maybe I miss her more because it's January and I usually flew to Florida around now? (she lived there; I do not!)
I don't know. What I do...
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Last to be chosen? First to be teased?


This song.

I relate to Billy.

I was the one that did not fit it.

Fire engine red hair (I once asked my mom if I dyed my hair, would I tan!)


Wore dresses to school.

As a daughter to immigrants, I did not speak English for the first 5-6 years of my life.

I got teased for kissing my mother "thank you" on the cheek at school when she brought something I'd forgotten.

I was the one who was relentlessly teased. Always cast aside. Always last to be chosen. I was even teased because I adored to read.

Therefore, I was the one with the compassionate heart for the others that did not fit in.

I was the one that showed kindness to the "new kids" and the kids that came into the class mid way through the year.

I still wonder about a kid named Mark Lintner. So Mark, if you're out there, say hi.

If we are going to heal this country, we have to begin with ourselves. I own my history in a new way today.

Need someone who gets your pain? If you’re ready to grab life by the horns and...

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