Pushing Through Is Not The Answer

Pushing through because it’s the thing to do, or it’s expected of you, … doesn’t always work.


For the better part of 2+ weeks, my newborn grandson has struggled and I’ve allowed myself the flexibility to be there for him and his parents.


My target date to “get back at it” came and went … it just was not happening.


I have things simmering, but that’s all they are doing in the background. 




Waiting until the time is perfect so the energy of the delivery is perfect and excellent so you can feel the authentic heart from which it is delivered.


And, as I write this, I realize that THIS is what is to drop in right now. Just this. A note to let you know I’ve been distracted with family. 


In the end, completing that task, sending that email, will not matter. 


Being there for family will have mattered.


Where are you putting your energy and...

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