Soul Alignment With True North

January 2023 I thought I knew where I was going this year. 

I reflect on this year as I begin to look forward to what I desire to create for next year. 

With each choice made, all other options collapse. This is universal law. This is quantum physics. 

I was focused and committed to my target.

Until suddenly, it was not that I wasn’t, it was why did I stop? So I took time for important self inquiry.

We don’t navigate our lives and our focused, committed desired outcomes in isolation. There are others that traverse with us… and when there is misalignment, well, the whole thing can fall apart. What I really want to say is it all falls to $hiT….  

We need our standards to be non-negotiable. Because our standards and values become our boundaries. And sometimes when they are breached so egregiously that without even a conscious decision, our soul guides us all on its own and pulls you away …. and puts us back onto our True Path....

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Decisions That Define Us: 5 Keys to Aligned Choices

I didn’t know it, but the decision I made would change my life.

I saw the announcement about an event in a state I loved and I didn’t hesitate or give it a second thought. I said yes, clicked through and invested.

No second thoughts. No excuses. No what ifs or yeah buts. 

This is the ease of making choices from a place of Knowing. 

The event was like Going Home. It was so right I found myself wondering why I had diverged from this path? Yet I didn’t even ask myself this question in this manner. It was still cloudy, but my contentment was familiar and I relished it.

The result of the decision ultimately created a very real struggle — and many questions surfaced:

What does this mean (to me)?

What do I DO about it?

If I do go back, (change my mind) what will people think?

I honored this struggle and gave myself 3 months (!) before I could actually accept it inside my body. 

Here are five tips for making any decisions, particularly difficult ones;

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