Jump Start Get REAL – Program Recap

I survived the 14 Day Jump Start Get REAL program! Yes!

The first extremely interesting thing I noticed: as much as I wanted the 14 days to be over, I am still choosing to pretty much follow the guidelines I learned. I do not want to immediately add in all the foods I’d intentionally eliminated because I could. I had “suffered” through this – the dull headaches, joint pain, the dizziness*, the longing for a scrambled egg!

If there are foods I’d eliminated that contribute to my true non-well-being, I can only ascertain that by adding foods back slowly. A few days passed day 14 and I’d added eggs, wine and yes, a tiny bit of chocolate…

So I am going slow because I like the results and want to know when my body gives me information/feedback I can identify the specific food.

What have I noticed:

I LOVE healthy fats – this is probably my biggest learning and appreciation – that eating a meal with enough healthy fats...

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Jump Start - Get REAL - Day 8 Update

I’m over the half way mark in this 14 day program. Blessed Be! Day 7 was the first day I felt more than Neutral. I had energy and motivation. The days prior to that had their individual, unique experiences (you can listen to those audio blogs for specifics), but Day 7 I was inspired.

I still miss chocolate. I miss softly scrambled eggs with just the right amount of salt. I miss my green smoothies.

This is a process that exposes habits, I’ve said before. Honestly, I’ve noticed that for the most part my habits are quite clean.

We’ve been encouraged to not snack between meals and I find I miss my half apple or celery with peanut or almond butter. So I bemoan: when do I get to eat that then?! So today I prepared a half an apple and ate it with lunch.

When I eat chocolate it usually is only a small square, and if I’ve an open bottle of Merlot or Zin, I pour just two ounces of that and that’s my dessert.

I don’t want to be so extreme...

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Jump Start Get REAL - Healthy, Friendly Fats

The first 24 hours of the Get REAL program and I noticed the silkiness of Healthy, Friendly Fats. It’s a unique texture, if it can be called that. Super rich, very filling and delicious.

Here’s a list of Friendly, Healthy Fats:

Beyond Organic Amasai  
Coconut Oil
Olive Oil
Palm Oil
Seeds and Seed Butters (Flax, Chia, Hemp, Sunflower)
Nuts and Nut Butters
Wild Fatty Fish – i.e. Salmon

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Jump Start Get REAL ~ Health & Vitality in 14 Days – My Journey

In January I decided to participate in a 14 day Get REAL program which begins tomorrow and I am going to take you with me! It's a program that essentially will detox my body.

Five days before Day one, I received a Welcome email full of  information, encouragement and an outline of what the 14 days holds for me. Menus, recipes, shopping guides and so much more are all laid out beautifully.

This morning I took some time to go through the book, examine the menus (there is flexibility built in with regards to what I may choose to eat, so looking ahead to the various recipes was exciting… but then again, I love to cook!). I created my grocery list and off to Whole Foods I went.

Many of the things suggested are already in my kitchen. More about who I am and what my lifestyle currently IS coming up in another post.

So on this trip to Whole Foods I found myself looking and re-looking at my list, talking to myself, enlisting help from their staff to find items I...

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