Jump Start Get REAL ~ Health & Vitality in 14 Days – My Journey

In January I decided to participate in a 14 day Get REAL program which begins tomorrow and I am going to take you with me! It's a program that essentially will detox my body.

Five days before Day one, I received a Welcome email full of  information, encouragement and an outline of what the 14 days holds for me. Menus, recipes, shopping guides and so much more are all laid out beautifully.

This morning I took some time to go through the book, examine the menus (there is flexibility built in with regards to what I may choose to eat, so looking ahead to the various recipes was exciting… but then again, I love to cook!). I created my grocery list and off to Whole Foods I went.

Many of the things suggested are already in my kitchen. More about who I am and what my lifestyle currently IS coming up in another post.

So on this trip to Whole Foods I found myself looking and re-looking at my list, talking to myself, enlisting help from their staff to find items I did not yet have in my kitchen. It was a bit frustrating, yet I did have a thought: what a natural, organic (pun intended) way to take my choices up a level.

The most fun thing I did on this trip: I learned how to work the nut butter machine! I came home with fresh, raw, warm and delicious almond butter. And promptly washed an organic celery stalk and had a snack! Yum!