Creating A Sacred Space

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Is it Hiding in Plain Sight?

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The Giving and Receiving Cycle

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Breakdown Before Breakthrough

I’m sure you’ve heard that expression.

Some breakdowns are massive. Obvious. Ridiculously painful. And usually feel never-ending.

Some, however, are almost unrecognizable. If we are not tuned in, in fact, we may miss it altogether and “just” chalk it up to a bad day.

 Some breakdowns feel like you’re standing in the middle of the room looking at your life as it is piled around you — a heap of junk that’s all broken apart and ugly.

Some breakdowns feel like ugh, I am too lazy to give a damn about anything today.

Whichever breakdown it is, it can be comforting to know your breakthrough is soooo close! You can’t push, pull, prod your way there faster. You have to go through the tunnel first.

Did you know that as the butterfly struggles to break free from the cocoon, that if you helped and opened it up just a bit for her, she would die? Her struggle is part of her breakthrough. 

The same holds true for you.

Someone can lovingly...

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Your Life As A Puzzle: Clarity Through Redo

1000 pieces.

I swore there were pieces missing.

Then, as I neared completion, I was sure there were TOO MANY pieces.

How crazy is that?!

The sneaky puzzle people had two areas where the pieces were the same shape, and you could tell the piece needed to be “there” but it just was not working.

Until I changed the way I looked at it.

And that’s when I saw their sneakiness.

I took that area apart and redid it. And everything fit.


I had to do that in two areas.

And before I knew it, the puzzle was done.

We are never “done.” It’ll never happen. If we are breathing and our heart is beating, we are not done.

Sometimes, though, we need to pull everything apart and have a redo.

What might that look like?

That relationship that feels so comfortable but under the surface you have anxiety around it.

The dread on Sundays knowing you have to go to your job the next day.

That project you’re working on, for whatever reason, you resist and put off....

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Open Your Eyes And See Your Vision

responsibility time vision Feb 02, 2024

If you’re like many of us, you take for granted that you have lots of time.

Time to live your life.

Time to build your dream.

Time to give back.

Time to make that special experience for a special someone.

Time to _________. You fill in the blank.

We all have dreams, desires and goals.

And we all, at one time or another, have taken the gift of 24 hours in a day for granted. 

We think…. There is always tomorrow.

Until one day we wake up to news that’s unexpected that shifts everything right side up again (even though in the moment it feels quite upside down).

We think motivation is the problem.

We think the other person is the problem.

We think lack of vision is the problem.

The problem with that is that none of it is true.

Because YOU have the ability to conjure up motivation.

YOU have the ability to take responsibility.

And YOU have the gift of being able to open your eyes and heart up and SEE your vision.

It “just” requires action. 

You take...

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Make It Fun To Keep On Giving

I had a small credit card size wallet I wanted to gift.

Someone in my Buy Nothing group raised her hand.

And for whatever reason, I was inspired to put a dollar bill and a penny inside. A bright shiny penny. 

I was curious how she’d respond.

Ok. Back story provides context: I was gifted a lovely handbag from same Buy Nothing group. The wallet was tucked inside. It made for a lively, fun back and forth conversation, as I inquired if she wanted it back. No. I could keep it. I teased I was keeping the money…. we honestly had a good laugh about it. She’d included it on purpose, as she did not need it.

Was I hoping or expecting an excited, or maybe even confused, response or message? 

I’m not sure.

I confess I was expecting SOMETHING.

Nope. Just a “picked up” message.

So I sat with what WERE my expectations anyway?

I was not necessarily expecting a thank you, but I confess, I was expecting a query.

We all have money stories and money...

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Soul Alignment With True North

January 2023 I thought I knew where I was going this year. 

I reflect on this year as I begin to look forward to what I desire to create for next year. 

With each choice made, all other options collapse. This is universal law. This is quantum physics. 

I was focused and committed to my target.

Until suddenly, it was not that I wasn’t, it was why did I stop? So I took time for important self inquiry.

We don’t navigate our lives and our focused, committed desired outcomes in isolation. There are others that traverse with us… and when there is misalignment, well, the whole thing can fall apart. What I really want to say is it all falls to $hiT….  

We need our standards to be non-negotiable. Because our standards and values become our boundaries. And sometimes when they are breached so egregiously that without even a conscious decision, our soul guides us all on its own and pulls you away …. and puts us back onto our True Path....

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Decisions That Define Us: 5 Keys to Aligned Choices

I didn’t know it, but the decision I made would change my life.

I saw the announcement about an event in a state I loved and I didn’t hesitate or give it a second thought. I said yes, clicked through and invested.

No second thoughts. No excuses. No what ifs or yeah buts. 

This is the ease of making choices from a place of Knowing. 

The event was like Going Home. It was so right I found myself wondering why I had diverged from this path? Yet I didn’t even ask myself this question in this manner. It was still cloudy, but my contentment was familiar and I relished it.

The result of the decision ultimately created a very real struggle — and many questions surfaced:

What does this mean (to me)?

What do I DO about it?

If I do go back, (change my mind) what will people think?

I honored this struggle and gave myself 3 months (!) before I could actually accept it inside my body. 

Here are five tips for making any decisions, particularly difficult ones;

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We Are In The Same Classroom, But Not Necessarily The Same Grade

We are all in the same classroom, but not necessarily in the same grade.

This nugget came through in an audio drop this morning in my Caring For Your Sacred Vessel.

That was not my thought or wisdom, it just dropped in in the moment.

In the past I have made the mistake of assuming that because someone is in the same room with me around a particular interest that we are at the same level of emotional intelligence or maturity or whatever the case may be.

Last week it was shown to me again. I offered help to someone hurting and was lamblasted. (she asked for help - I've learned that the hard way too - people don't appreciate your wisdom even with their permission, let alone unasked for)

We were in the same classroom, but not the same grade. 

We are all doing the best we can at the level we are at. We do not need to assume the worst in others. In fact, I believe it is our nature to assume the BEST in others, it just gets conditioned out of us when we have encounters with...

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