Empowering Yourself to Begin

I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I had a huge, life altering realization.

I had been waiting for someone ELSE to do something, be someone so I could fall in line with that.

Today I see the utter bullshit of that. But I have come a very long way since then — about 25 years — since that awareness.

Where are you waiting to live?

What are you waiting to have happen so you can ______?

You are the one who gets to call the shots of your life.

You are the one who gets to choose to put your car in drive and then which gear to drive in.

What will you choose?

Stop waiting. First gear is better than being at a stand still.

I can help. My free resource, 3 Things Stopping You From Putting Yourself First, will help you see and learn how to put yourself first. When you do that, you naturally put your foot on the clutch and put the car into first gear and begin your journey.


It’s one of my favorite words.


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I Found a Penny

I found a penny today.

An old, unattractive penny. It had probably survived all the snow and salt and was well, not so pristine.

It was the first thing I saw as I opened the car door. I was delighted.

And I decided to pick it up.

I saw it as a gift from the Universe. Here. A penny. It’s not bright and shiny, but it’s a gift. A penny. One cent.

The reason I am sharing in such detail is that usually I notice and leave it for someone else to find. I imagine someone like my sister who, when she finds a penny, is all excited and perhaps encouraged, because she sees it as a gift from her beloved dog who has crossed over. I imagine a child being very excited, bending over to pick it up and showing mommy….

But today, I changed my viewpoint.

This penny was for ME. I picked it up, said thank you and put it in my car.

At that moment I realized that all those times I noticed, did NOT say thank you, did NOT pick it up I was dissing God. I was saying it was too small for me...

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Entertaining Angels

Recently as I was driving from one appointment to another, I started dreaming about sitting down in front of a beautiful tomato accompanied with bufala mozzarella. This is hardly a seasonal desire. Tomatoes are disappointing and bufala, as far as I understand, is out of season.

Almost very last minute I heard to go to Trader Joe’s. It’s on the way. I did not have time to hesitate, so I took the next exit and did as was suggested.

I was not disappointed, as they had imported bufala from Italy waiting just for me.

That is why I thought I was at Trader Joe’s.

And the Universe had another reason. A gem, waiting for me in the parking lot.

As I made my way to my car, I noticed an older woman looking at me. I was focused on the task at hand, as I had an appointment to get to…I got in the car and she was now literally following me, attempting to engage me. She was asking for a ride. She lived just down the street, would I do her a favor and bring her home?


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