Last to be chosen? First to be teased?


This song.

I relate to Billy.

I was the one that did not fit it.

Fire engine red hair (I once asked my mom if I dyed my hair, would I tan!)


Wore dresses to school.

As a daughter to immigrants, I did not speak English for the first 5-6 years of my life.

I got teased for kissing my mother "thank you" on the cheek at school when she brought something I'd forgotten.

I was the one who was relentlessly teased. Always cast aside. Always last to be chosen. I was even teased because I adored to read.

Therefore, I was the one with the compassionate heart for the others that did not fit in.

I was the one that showed kindness to the "new kids" and the kids that came into the class mid way through the year.

I still wonder about a kid named Mark Lintner. So Mark, if you're out there, say hi.

If we are going to heal this country, we have to begin with ourselves. I own my history in a new way today.

Need someone who gets your pain? If you’re ready to grab life by the horns and...

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