I Dare You to Stretch Your Wings!

I looked outside to see what the ruckus was about and saw 3 baby bluejays. How they got on the driveway and my steps I don’t know! But they were not brave enough to fly away!

Over the course of a few days the excitement built. I was even scolded for looking at a baby up in the lilac tree from my deck! [Literally, I just looked and one of the babies flew into the lilac tree to the exact same place. I don’t dare get up!]

From “day 1” to day 2 baby number 3 was lost. Of the two remaining babies, it was easy to see which was older than the other — the feathers were more distinct on the older bird and it was just a bit larger and more bold.

This morning, day 4, one was sitting on the berm and he was quite pudgy!

It’s been delightful to literally watch the stretching of the wings, trying them out. You could almost hear the inner dialogue: wow, that feels kinda good. Oh! I want to fly up into that tree, it isn’t that far…. and then the wee...

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