Weave the Sacred into the Everyday Mundane ~ Elevate your Relationship with Food & Watch Your Relationship with Spirit Change!

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  • Are you tired of feeling heavy and irritable, maybe even sick to your stomach after you've had dinner?
  • Do you long for a deeper connection to God, or Spirit, but have no idea how to go about it?
  • Are you uncomfortable in your own skin - particularly after eating? ... and find yourself wondering why you ate "it"?
  • Do you have a yearning to bring the Sacred into the everyday “chop wood, carry water” reality of life?

If you answered "Yes" to any or all of these questions, you're ready to Elevate your relationship with both food and God!

I understand the desire to see the Sacredness in the mundane as well as the deeply profound spiritual moments. And I understand the frustration around food... I was there too...

Then, I found a new perspective that elevates food, honors the mundanity and the Sacredness of cooking in day to day life. I found that food impacts our spiritual awareness, practice and relationships.

It's time to stop ignoring that deeper, bigger part of you that knows this to be true. 

Let me be your guide in this unique program that bridges the world of food and things of Spirit.

That is why I created...

What if you could feel totally tuned into Spirit in every moment?

What if you could learn to make choices that not only fed your body (and tasted delicious) but fed your Soul, too?

What if you created easy, yet powerful habits that could easily bring you back on track when the rails have their own mind and take you off course?

What if you could do all this and release weight and make friends with what I call Sacred Mundanity?

Nourish Your Way Home Will Show You How


Put Yourself First

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This Four Week Program will explore:

  • Nourishment / Habits / Self Care through a holistic lens
  • Food as Energy, Vibration and Catalyst
  • Food — Practically
  • Using Vitality Essential oils with food
  • Spiritual Practice

And includes:

  • Downloadable documents
  • Live class experiences (yes, they will be recorded)
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Lifetime access to course materials in your membership site
  • Lifetime access to the private Facebook Community 
  • New friends on the other side!

The new version of you will:

  • have a whole new outlook on life!
  • have a new, revitalized connection to the Divine, God, Spirit
  • be aware of your patterns and habits from an elevated place making it easier to change those which don't support the new you
  • embrace and live into Sacred Mundanity


I’m excited and kinda scared at the same time; is this normal?

Yes! Food is emotional. Spirituality is private. Putting them together is unknown. You’re okay; I will create a safe container for you to feel and experience at a new level. Those that gather will have lots in common with you. Trust that.

I work in the food and wellness arena. What if I want my whole team to go through this with me. Can I score a group rate?

Yes! Let’s talk!

What will you do for me during this course? 

Another great question! I will create a safe container for you to learn, grow, struggle, thrive, expand and be there to answer your questions and offer encouragement.

A Nourish student asked herself “Who is asking for what?” when she had a craving to eat when she was not hungry.

“That is when my heart opened and showed me my deepest yearning for a moment by moment life of loving relationship with the Beloved of my Soul. … As soon as my heart spoke, the desire to eat vanished! pouf! evaporated…”


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Regularly $997

Now ONLY $397

I Want The Sacred In My LIfe

"Marita is gifted with the ability to help you reflect honestly on your beliefs about yourself, food, and the impact of these beliefs on your relationship with God. Going through this class helped me confront some hidden shame and anger. Those are powerful matters, and I felt safe in this process, and was very blessed by Nourish Your Way Home. "


"Nourish Your Way Home offers a wide variety of nontraditional perspectives on changing your relationship with food. Marita is responsive and finds ways to personalize the material to individual’s intentions. She posed helpful questions, leading me to zero in on insights on my emotional eating. "


"Marita is gentle, accessible, kind and compassionate. She creates a safe container for what can be a particularly difficult and confrontational inquiry with self. Her encouraging presence speaks to her walking the walk, and feels like a warm hug — especially when the inner critic is threatening to roar. "


"I’ve begun to see the powerful value of food."


You will...

  • begin to appreciate the true value of food and how it supports you on many different levels
  • notice how your food choices impact your life, your enjoyment of life, your mood
  • naturally begin or deepen your relationship to God, Spirit, Divinity, Higher Power
  • feel the value and importance of looking at how you have used food in the past
  • uncover patterns and habits in your lifestyle choices
  • learn how to confront your own inner critic and stand up for yourself — in the kitchen and at the altar — and ask yourself hard questions so as to push into Breakthrough
  • learn about the practical side of food: clean eating, organic and sustainable, healthy fats, shopping and more
  • learn the value of creating and having a Spiritual Practice and how food and this go hand in hand (whether it seems like it or not)

About Marita Rahlenbeck

Marita Rahlenbeck easily brings the Sacred into the everyday mundane — she calls it Sacred Mundanity.

Her enjoyment of food, cooking and dining are attributed to her lineage of great cooks and a chef — they were her teachers and inspiration. This, together with 30 years of serving the holistic community helps women entrepreneurs, thought leaders and career professionals feel fantastic in their own skin so they can shine from the inside out — energetically and physically.

She offers online learning opportunities, coaching and guidance on clean and healthy lifestyle choices, with a specialized focus on food and essential oils, and all things of Spirit

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Regularly $997

Now ONLY $397

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