Your Life As A Puzzle: Clarity Through Redo

1000 pieces.

I swore there were pieces missing.

Then, as I neared completion, I was sure there were TOO MANY pieces.

How crazy is that?!

The sneaky puzzle people had two areas where the pieces were the same shape, and you could tell the piece needed to be “there” but it just was not working.

Until I changed the way I looked at it.

And that’s when I saw their sneakiness.

I took that area apart and redid it. And everything fit.


I had to do that in two areas.

And before I knew it, the puzzle was done.

We are never “done.” It’ll never happen. If we are breathing and our heart is beating, we are not done.

Sometimes, though, we need to pull everything apart and have a redo.

What might that look like?

That relationship that feels so comfortable but under the surface you have anxiety around it.

The dread on Sundays knowing you have to go to your job the next day.

That project you’re working on, for whatever reason, you resist and put off....

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