Make It Fun To Keep On Giving

I had a small credit card size wallet I wanted to gift.

Someone in my Buy Nothing group raised her hand.

And for whatever reason, I was inspired to put a dollar bill and a penny inside. A bright shiny penny. 

I was curious how she’d respond.

Ok. Back story provides context: I was gifted a lovely handbag from same Buy Nothing group. The wallet was tucked inside. It made for a lively, fun back and forth conversation, as I inquired if she wanted it back. No. I could keep it. I teased I was keeping the money…. we honestly had a good laugh about it. She’d included it on purpose, as she did not need it.

Was I hoping or expecting an excited, or maybe even confused, response or message? 

I’m not sure.

I confess I was expecting SOMETHING.

Nope. Just a “picked up” message.

So I sat with what WERE my expectations anyway?

I was not necessarily expecting a thank you, but I confess, I was expecting a query.

We all have money stories and money...

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Nature Wakes, A Poem

by Marita Rahlenbeck


Nature sings
as it wakes up from
winter slumber.
It shouts and calls
for rebirth.

The birds tweet
and caw
and tease.
They sing
and chirp
and flit.

The trees are ready to sprout their leaves
for another season.
The grass is ready to turn
green and lush.

All this, for me, the observer.


The lake shape shifts before me;
the water dances many dances
as the wind decides how it wants to play.
The rain falls gently, so gently
it is barely noticeable,
but I hear the gentle and graceful
notes on the earth as the two meet.

All this, for me, the one who listens.


Moments of Silence and Stillness
between breaths
and then a graceful song from a robin.
Then she’s gone and only a gentle breeze
shows herself to me as the mighty oak
silently waves her branches.

All this, for me, as I watch the world wake up
before my very eyes.

How blessed am I?

Gratitude   ~   Gratitude

So much Gratitude


This poem lovingly and with deep...

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