We Are In The Same Classroom, But Not Necessarily The Same Grade

We are all in the same classroom, but not necessarily in the same grade.

This nugget came through in an audio drop this morning in my Caring For Your Sacred Vessel.

That was not my thought or wisdom, it just dropped in in the moment.

In the past I have made the mistake of assuming that because someone is in the same room with me around a particular interest that we are at the same level of emotional intelligence or maturity or whatever the case may be.

Last week it was shown to me again. I offered help to someone hurting and was lamblasted. (she asked for help - I've learned that the hard way too - people don't appreciate your wisdom even with their permission, let alone unasked for)

We were in the same classroom, but not the same grade. 

We are all doing the best we can at the level we are at. We do not need to assume the worst in others. In fact, I believe it is our nature to assume the BEST in others, it just gets conditioned out of us when we have encounters with...

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The Keys to Finding Your Authentic Voice Now

Today I had a call from someone who, when we were done said: Keep swearing, you make me smile.

I laughed.

You see, a few years ago now, my coach encouraged me to swear on occasion. Why? Because it really is who I am.

I don’t curse with blue streaks. It’s not crass. It’s just authentic.

I can honestly say that 98%+ of the responses are positive — usually in the form of a giggle or maybe even an outright belly laugh. I just don't hang out with the people who would get offended.

It’s unexpected. 

It’s memorable.

And from a brand position AND a personal one, those that are offended are not “my people.” Hence, why the percentage is super small of people who get their undies in a bundle.

I’ve been in a few rooms lately discussing brands/branding and all the rest. I’ve had people outright take my content/my writing as if it was their own. I’ve watched people try to emulate someone’s success but have fallen on...

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