The Keys to Finding Your Authentic Voice Now

Today I had a call from someone who, when we were done said: Keep swearing, you make me smile.

I laughed.

You see, a few years ago now, my coach encouraged me to swear on occasion. Why? Because it really is who I am.

I don’t curse with blue streaks. It’s not crass. It’s just authentic.

I can honestly say that 98%+ of the responses are positive — usually in the form of a giggle or maybe even an outright belly laugh. I just don't hang out with the people who would get offended.

It’s unexpected. 

It’s memorable.

And from a brand position AND a personal one, those that are offended are not “my people.” Hence, why the percentage is super small of people who get their undies in a bundle.

I’ve been in a few rooms lately discussing brands/branding and all the rest. I’ve had people outright take my content/my writing as if it was their own. I’ve watched people try to emulate someone’s success but have fallen on their face.


There are so many reasons! But I'll give you three possibilities:

1  My Human Design type may support certain ways of being and doing things — and if you are a different type, when you copy my work, it has no positive affect.

2  My money archetype may be one thing and yours another. So you copy and your money block collides with mine. Or vice versa. 

3  You come from push marketing and I come from a form of story telling. When you copy my story, it’s my voice, not yours. So it comes across as inauthentic.

The bottom line is


Everyone else is taken.

You have your own voice, your own style, your own mission and purpose for being here on the planet.

My overall mission is to help people Remember who they are and why they have come.

Many years ago now I worked with a healer who told me: find your Note. I have never forgotten that.


Go find your Note and write your own symphony.

If you want to explore why you are here with me, well, you know what to do. That’s why I am here, after all.