Make It Fun To Keep On Giving

I had a small credit card size wallet I wanted to gift.

Someone in my Buy Nothing group raised her hand.

And for whatever reason, I was inspired to put a dollar bill and a penny inside. A bright shiny penny. 

I was curious how she’d respond.

Ok. Back story provides context: I was gifted a lovely handbag from same Buy Nothing group. The wallet was tucked inside. It made for a lively, fun back and forth conversation, as I inquired if she wanted it back. No. I could keep it. I teased I was keeping the money…. we honestly had a good laugh about it. She’d included it on purpose, as she did not need it.

Was I hoping or expecting an excited, or maybe even confused, response or message? 

I’m not sure.

I confess I was expecting SOMETHING.

Nope. Just a “picked up” message.

So I sat with what WERE my expectations anyway?

I was not necessarily expecting a thank you, but I confess, I was expecting a query.

We all have money stories and money...

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