Decisions That Define Us: 5 Keys to Aligned Choices

I didn’t know it, but the decision I made would change my life.

I saw the announcement about an event in a state I loved and I didn’t hesitate or give it a second thought. I said yes, clicked through and invested.

No second thoughts. No excuses. No what ifs or yeah buts. 

This is the ease of making choices from a place of Knowing. 

The event was like Going Home. It was so right I found myself wondering why I had diverged from this path? Yet I didn’t even ask myself this question in this manner. It was still cloudy, but my contentment was familiar and I relished it.

The result of the decision ultimately created a very real struggle — and many questions surfaced:

What does this mean (to me)?

What do I DO about it?

If I do go back, (change my mind) what will people think?

I honored this struggle and gave myself 3 months (!) before I could actually accept it inside my body. 

Here are five tips for making any decisions, particularly difficult ones;

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We Are In The Same Classroom, But Not Necessarily The Same Grade

We are all in the same classroom, but not necessarily in the same grade.

This nugget came through in an audio drop this morning in my Caring For Your Sacred Vessel.

That was not my thought or wisdom, it just dropped in in the moment.

In the past I have made the mistake of assuming that because someone is in the same room with me around a particular interest that we are at the same level of emotional intelligence or maturity or whatever the case may be.

Last week it was shown to me again. I offered help to someone hurting and was lamblasted. (she asked for help - I've learned that the hard way too - people don't appreciate your wisdom even with their permission, let alone unasked for)

We were in the same classroom, but not the same grade. 

We are all doing the best we can at the level we are at. We do not need to assume the worst in others. In fact, I believe it is our nature to assume the BEST in others, it just gets conditioned out of us when we have encounters with...

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The Gift in Elevating the Mundane to be Sacred

When I hold my grandson in my arms and give him a bottle … life stands still … I am only there for him.

We have a “ritual” — well, I have a ritual. I feed him in his room, while I sit in the rocking chair my father gave my mother when she was pregnant with me, and I am all his. No phone. No computer. No TV. Just Andrew and me. Eyeballs to eyeballs. 

I look deep into his eyes and I can honestly say I have not fed him once where tears of deep emotion did not form. I am so grateful for the gift of this simple activity. And I am sad that his Opa is not here to experience this joy.

As he eats, I let him know I am here for him. He is always safe in my presence. I beam trust, love and the gift of presence to him. 

Feeding him is not a task to be completed.

It is a gift. It is an honor. It is a holy act. It is what I call Sacred Mundanity. —Honoring the sacredness of the small, daily, seemingly irrelevant tasks we all need to do each day....

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Pushing Through Is Not The Answer

Pushing through because it’s the thing to do, or it’s expected of you, … doesn’t always work.


For the better part of 2+ weeks, my newborn grandson has struggled and I’ve allowed myself the flexibility to be there for him and his parents.


My target date to “get back at it” came and went … it just was not happening.


I have things simmering, but that’s all they are doing in the background. 




Waiting until the time is perfect so the energy of the delivery is perfect and excellent so you can feel the authentic heart from which it is delivered.


And, as I write this, I realize that THIS is what is to drop in right now. Just this. A note to let you know I’ve been distracted with family. 


In the end, completing that task, sending that email, will not matter. 


Being there for family will have mattered.


Where are you putting your energy and...

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Turn Your Bloopers Into Your Greatest Blessings

In a traditional job when we make a mistake, you know what will happen. Wrists slapped, maybe called out in front of others around a boardroom table, perhaps even fired. (When I worked for a huge international company for a department President, he loved to send me to the principals office: the HR dude. And that was after he yelled at me. It was a joke, and the two of us (HR guy) would just sit and talk… At least I wasn’t decorating a desk for those moments.) 


But with comedy the error is proudly showcased and shown over and over again. They are known as “bloopers.”


Wow. What a reframe.


What if you took your small or massive errors and failures and reframed them?You’ll always find the blessings when you take time to look for them inside the “failure.”


What if you take the lessons and leverage them in a unique, powerful, unconventional way?


Years ago I attended a Young Living convention and we could...

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An Embodied Jewish Priestess is a Quintessential Woman

I met a Quintessential Woman last week. She is an embodied Jewish Priestess who exudes joy, grace, mirth. She lives and breathes her faith without pretentiousness. Her faith is her life; her life is her faith. She carries out her best practices without any show or need for attention. In fact, if I didn’t know what she was doing softly in the background, it would not be obvious she was doing anything. I believe most people didn’t even notice her actions. 


I even heard her daughter ask her ‘mama, would you bless me?”


I didn’t even have time to ask her what that meant? Is it a daily practice for a Jewish Mama Priestess to bless her children?


How utterly delightful. And holy. 


The world needs more women like this. 


There were other women there who were the exact opposite — forcing their faith on the group as a whole. At the very least it was inappropriate. At the most …. well, I have lots of...

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From Lay Off To An Expanded, Happy Life

Budget retrenchment.  1982.

Another word for layoffs.

I was in that group of layoffs from a rather sweet job on the University of Minnesota, St. Paul campus. I’d been promoted — at a rather young age — and I had a “staff” of one.

Then I didn’t.

Remember the want ads in newspapers?

That’s where I found my entry into what I now know as network marketing.

I joined TransArt Industries, an accessory design company in Atlanta.

Art, color, creativity. Completely my thing.

It was easy; I built a team of others just like me and full fledged interior designers, lighting experts and more.

I had clients that wanted more. So I did all the things to be “legit.” I secured wholesale accounts with businesses that complimented each other.

Today, as I prepared for a B-roll photo shoot for a local consulting firm, I remember all this.

Early in my Interior Accessory Design career all the places to do business (buy the wallpaper, paint,...

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LIVE on IG ~ You Hold the Power of Your Health & Wellness

Great conversation with Nicole. It was our first Instagram Live so we both made our way through the tech for the first time together.

Skip ahead to 2:00 minutes unless you delight in watching someone learning something for the first time! IG doesn't allow download and consequently I cannot edit!

Our conversation addresses TBI, concussion, natural healing, thyroid, inflammation and so much more!


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The Keys to Finding Your Authentic Voice Now

Today I had a call from someone who, when we were done said: Keep swearing, you make me smile.

I laughed.

You see, a few years ago now, my coach encouraged me to swear on occasion. Why? Because it really is who I am.

I don’t curse with blue streaks. It’s not crass. It’s just authentic.

I can honestly say that 98%+ of the responses are positive — usually in the form of a giggle or maybe even an outright belly laugh. I just don't hang out with the people who would get offended.

It’s unexpected. 

It’s memorable.

And from a brand position AND a personal one, those that are offended are not “my people.” Hence, why the percentage is super small of people who get their undies in a bundle.

I’ve been in a few rooms lately discussing brands/branding and all the rest. I’ve had people outright take my content/my writing as if it was their own. I’ve watched people try to emulate someone’s success but have fallen on...

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“Now” is always a good time

Originally written during the "in between time" of Christmas / New Year holidays. Still relevant no matter what time of year you find yourself reading this. 


This in-between time.

Some of us coast and chill our way through.

Others of us plant the seeds to ensure a stellar and impactful next year.

At every turn, every time we are at a choice point. Which road? Which choice? What option?

Is there a right or wrong? 

What if?

Can you feel it?!

Depending upon a variety of influencing factors, there’s an aspect wanting to come forth to make the next choice.

Is there a right or wrong?

Personally, I don’t think so. The choice made results in a consequence and a learning experience for how we can do it differently next time.

What are you choosing to do in this in-between time? Who is knocking on your heart’s door wanting to be let loose? Will you answer? Yes? When? Now? After the calendar has turned the page into 2023?

I believe when we desire...

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