Jump Start - Get REAL - Day 8 Update

I’m over the half way mark in this 14 day program. Blessed Be! Day 7 was the first day I felt more than Neutral. I had energy and motivation. The days prior to that had their individual, unique experiences (you can listen to those audio blogs for specifics), but Day 7 I was inspired.

I still miss chocolate. I miss softly scrambled eggs with just the right amount of salt. I miss my green smoothies.

This is a process that exposes habits, I’ve said before. Honestly, I’ve noticed that for the most part my habits are quite clean.

We’ve been encouraged to not snack between meals and I find I miss my half apple or celery with peanut or almond butter. So I bemoan: when do I get to eat that then?! So today I prepared a half an apple and ate it with lunch.

When I eat chocolate it usually is only a small square, and if I’ve an open bottle of Merlot or Zin, I pour just two ounces of that and that’s my dessert.

I don’t want to be so extreme that everywhere I turn I have to deny myself simple pleasures. Life is meant to be enjoyed!

However, what I have learned is how I can add different staples into my pantry with which to create my art in the kitchen. For over 15 years I’ve imported a fabulous blend of sea salt with kelp and other minerals from Germany because I could find nothing remotely similar. Well, I still haven’t, but I learned about Himalayan salt. And I love it! I’ve learned about coconut oil and the ins/outs of that. I learned that if I want to eliminate Bragg’s Amino Acids from my pantry (still not sure I have to be that extreme [it’s soy]), that there are coconut aminos. Who knew?!~

These are just a few of the things I’ve learned during this program.

I’m sure over the last week I’ll learn more. But for now, there is my update.