Jump Start Get REAL – Program Recap

I survived the 14 Day Jump Start Get REAL program! Yes!

The first extremely interesting thing I noticed: as much as I wanted the 14 days to be over, I am still choosing to pretty much follow the guidelines I learned. I do not want to immediately add in all the foods I’d intentionally eliminated because I could. I had “suffered” through this – the dull headaches, joint pain, the dizziness*, the longing for a scrambled egg!

If there are foods I’d eliminated that contribute to my true non-well-being, I can only ascertain that by adding foods back slowly. A few days passed day 14 and I’d added eggs, wine and yes, a tiny bit of chocolate…

So I am going slow because I like the results and want to know when my body gives me information/feedback I can identify the specific food.

What have I noticed:

I LOVE healthy fats – this is probably my biggest learning and appreciation – that eating a meal with enough healthy fats (avocado, coconut milk) can literally hold me for 4-6, maybe 7 hours! Wow!

My hips don’t hurt in the mornings…. And I thought it was my mattress and tight muscles.

My muscles are looser – and that’s not my imagination. My massage therapist confirmed it!

I feel better in my clothes – meaning: they are not as tight – even though they had not necessarily felt tight before. I lost 4 pounds. My goal was not weight loss, but rather the experience and amping up my Art in the Kitchen.

My awareness of my food choices has ratcheted up several notches and I’ve learned better food combinations. Coconut milk and Plain Amasai are becoming a must have staple in our house and soon I know I’ll be ordering by the case. Not kidding.

While early on I was bemoaning that I could not have that half apple or celery snack, I learned from one of the bonus learnings in the programthat when we DON’T snack, the body burns our fat and not the calories/food/fuel we keep giving it. Okay. I learn best by knowing the WHY and that why was big enough for me to appreciate it. I learned to add those foods as a side to my meals.

Plain Amasai is, well, plain. Was not my favorite at all. Now the flavored Amasai seem extremely sweet to me. Still amazingly delicious, high in healthy fats and very good for me, but now I use the flavored Amasai, add coconut milk and avocado to reduce the sweetness. Did I really say that?! Yes. That’s how quickly you can retrain your taste buds! – 14 days!!!

Interested in going through this program? Go here to see when the next round begins. It’s a great experience on so many levels. Questions? I’m always here to help.

Coming in late to the party and don’t know the full story? Let’s go back to the beginning and fill you in.

*all symptoms of detoxification