Living with Grace

A story of Love and Healing, Leaving Paw Prints on the Heart

Align with Grace

  • Is there an area in your life where you need to give yourself more grace?
  • Have you been looking for something and now realize you have been seeking grace?
  • Has grace been hiding in plain view and suddenly you see it for what it is?


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I understand, and so does Grace.

Living with Grace is a story of finding wholeness through a cat named Grace.

Join us in a story of trauma, trust, forgiveness and letting go. It unfolds through the evolutionary stages in our Journey to Grace.

Learn about the Tapestry of life and how everyone you meet brings a thread to weave into your own private tapestry — and how you bring them a thread to weave into theirs.

Meet Grace. She will meet you right where you are in this moment.

Discover not only grace but yourself at your deepest core.

"What better way to get advice about life and its meaning than from the wisdom of a cat?  In her book “Living with Grace,” Marita Rahlenbeck shares her experience with her cat Grace, extracting the eloquence of Grace’s message for us all.  It is a beautiful exploration, whether you’re cat-centric or not. "

Carole Hyder
President, Caring for Cats

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