The Magic in a Death Experience

When I told my publisher I was going to have a 2 year anniversary celebration of the book release, he asked: what magical thing happened in the last two years?

All I could think of, initially, was: where exactly have you been? It’s been full of death, grief and the pandemic!

As I really sat with this question, the one big piece of tangible goodness was I inherited a cat! Her name is Zoe. And I inherited her because of a death. … Interestingly, Zoe is one of Grace’s surrogate kittens. She was litter mate to my Aria (all characters in my book, Living with Grace, A Story of Love and Healing, Leaving Paw Prints on the Heart, of course!)

My thought was well, that means i have to talk about death again. And I didn’t really like that until I realized life really is a series of deaths and rebirths. Indeed, even my book was born from Grace’s death.

While you may not have had a death in your life due to the pandemic, or know someone who has, the truth is we have all had numerous deaths to our lifestyles and choices these last far too-many months.

What was normal is no longer normal.

I want to celebrate not only the release of my book with you, but I want to celebrate your wins! What did you die to and what was reborn within you? What are you in the process of dying to and what are you wanting to birth?

It may not always be fun or feel good, but the energy we now find ourselves in is ripe for Re-Emergence — your Re-Emergence. It’s time. It’s time to move from the nothingness of the cocoon and embody our next best self.

Come celebrate with us October 29, 2021. Grab your free ticket. Your registration comes with one entry to prize give aways! You can earn more entries, too, as outlined when you follow the link to the registration page.

See you soon! The celebration of your Graceful Re-Emergence will be fun!


Meet Zoe. She's adapted to her new home and surroundings beautifully. My heart is full.