When What Once Worked Suddenly Doesn’t ~ Adapting to Change

My arm had swollen to the point of alarm. Skin was taut and it itched like crazy.

I’d been stung by a bee.

I tried many things, but nothing was giving me relief!

There is irony in the term “hive mind.” I went to my Facebook hive mind and showed them my arm asking for help.

The best remedy my body and that sting responded to was a water and baking soda paste. I put a bit of gauze over it, wrapped it up and went to bed. After about 5 hours I woke, removed it and went back to bed. I slept another 5 hours. I think the poison made me tired! I did this for one more day and by the end of day 4 it is barely noticeable. I am so grateful, as my research had stated symptoms may last 7 - 30 days!

Note to self: when you go away to the Northwoods, bring baking soda just in case!

Sometimes we need to ask for help.

Sometimes what once worked suddenly doesn’t.

Sometimes allowing vulnerability is what is required while at the same time not easy.

What are you trying to work through and always find yourself bumping up against the wall?

How are you struggling and wondering why what you once did is not working?

Everything changes. Everything is changing! Constantly. As you shift and change, your toolbox needs to keep up!

I have set aside a few Holistic Audit sessions early next week if you’d like to grab one and have a conversation to let me help you stop bumping up against that proverbial wall. No worries — it’s free and of course no further obligation.

If you’re ready, go snag a spot! They are limited so don’t allow inertia to take over. Pull yourself up and take action. It’s only action that will propel you forward.