I Love You

I love you.
Three tiny words.
I love you.
It’s so hard to say it to someone you REALLY love for fear of being rejected.
It’s so hard to say it to someone because they have not said it to you first.
It’s so hard to say it aloud for being judged, laughed at or not taken seriously.
Why is that?
And yet. You hear it frequently at the end of a conversation. Kinda like “goodbye.”
I’ve said it.
How do you use or say those three tiny words? DO you say those three tiny words?
What I really wanted to share with you beyond how these words or sentiments are thrown around rather cavalierly, is
How important it is to say it to YOURSELF!
Your self love is foundational in many things, first and foremost how you see, value and approach life; how you treat yourself and allow others to treat you; the quality of your life — mentally, physically, spiritually.
Can you look in the mirror — right into your eyes — and say I love you? Can you look in the mirror and see passed those beautiful blue, green or brown eyes and see your soul? Can you tell her you love her?
I challenge you do go do that when you’re done reading this. Say I love you to YOU and observe how it feels. What does it feel like in your nervous system? your heart? I’d love it if you’d come back, and tell me what it was like to receive love from your heart TO your heart in the comments.
Doing this — maybe even practicing this daily until it’s comfortable — is a way of putting yourself first. Making time for yourself is a challenge in our fast paced world. It’s crucial to calm our nervous system down to stop the mind from running on overdrive.
I’d like to offer you a free resource. It’s downloadable and super easy to get your hands on.
Access 3 Things Stopping You From Putting Yourself First here: 
And don’t forget to say I Love You to yourself and really mean it. Then tell me all about it in the comments.