Hold Your Vision Through the Chaos

transformation vision Jul 22, 2021

The closer the date came, the more I found myself “nesting.” (ha! a nice way of saying removing EVERYTHING from the bathroom!) My bathroom was in my living room and my new bathroom was in boxes in the garage. Bedlam. Chaos.

Since April I have been planning for and eagerly waiting for my bathroom to be renovated. When I scheduled the contractor, I was somewhat disappointed he was booking so far out, but in the end it allowed me to make the decisions , “incubate” the changes I wanted, slowly. A lot goes into a renovation, and the order you choose things is important!

My coach reminded me (even a coach needs a coach!) that this process was very much like giving birth to a human. And indeed it was. I began to embody this truth at an even deeper level.

Each choice I made was intentional. And I put intentions into the project itself. If you know anything about feng shui, the bathroom is partially in Wealth and Fame/Reputation. I took that knowledge and infused it into the project. I even crafted declarations and wrote them on the walls with much intention before they were painted “Lily White” from a deep, dark magenta. (radical, wouldn’t you agree?!)

Where in your life do you need to craft a powerful declaration and put it out into the Universe? What is being required of you that you are resisting taking action on because you don’t know how to move forward? I believe Now is always a good time to take action.

And if you’re ready to be brave and act, grab a session for $99 and let’s get started.


PS. Coming in September: Nourish Your Way Home — a grace led journey to the Divine