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From Quietly Unhappy to Boldly Confident — Your Action Plan

During our call we will look at what is working in your life, what is not and where you'd like to go. Then we'll create a plan together that will move you toward your desired life. 

This call is for you if:

  • ready to walk through the door rather than stand with your hand on the doorknob unwilling to take the risk to turn it and walk through.
  • “quietly unhappy” and don’t even know what that may really mean, yet you feel it!
  • ready to raise your hand first and sit in the front row. Oh, and you show up early to make sure you don’t miss anything.
  • ready to live an empowered life and take the necessary actions to achieve it
  • willing to learn how to think with your heart
  • ready to accept help from someone who has walked the path before you and collapse time to your desired results
  • optimistically always seeing your glass as not only half full, but you are continually pouring into it
  • yearning for transformational change that is practical for your every day life


This call is NOT for you if:

  • are a thinker, thinker and over-thinker unwilling to unlearn the pattern
  • you’re not ready and willing to change your inputs to achieve new outputs
  • stepping into your own power makes you uncomfortable
  • status quo and you are super tight and you don’t want to break up
  • you habitually find yourself telling story details irrelevant to the matter at hand
  • your glass is always half empty
  • you meet new ideas and ways of looking at life with excuses as to why they don’t or can’t apply to you


What's being said: 

The session “definitely helped me gain more clarity and identify clear action I could take.”

“Marita really listened to what I was saying and responded accordingly. She also tied things together from the start of our call to the end.”

“She helped me gain clarity. I look forward to using her advice to help me continue to move forward.”