Riding the Waves of Alignment

Have you ever been at the ocean and ridden a wave? It is not as easy as it is fun! If you don’t time it just right, you’re slapped on your butt! If your jump is not at the precise moment necessary, you’re slammed with a wall of water — and it’s jarring!

But! When you have practiced numerous times, and get the hang of it, well, it’s magic! You slide into the wave in perfect harmony and the awe, joy, exhilaration is just plain THERE. AND as a bonus, the wave takes you far!

As I write this it’s just past noon and twice already today the analogy of riding the waves has come up in conversation.

First in a podcast interview (stay tuned!) and the second in a coaching call.

The topic was Alignment. How do you know when you are in alignment? And the analogy I came up with was riding the wave….

Releasing a book into the world, or any other “Something” you are working on, has with it a lot of pressure, expectations from many sources — including yourself, and fears that it won’t be “successful.” As I felt the pressures, I decided to just listen to ME, my body and my own Inner Knowing. I took the box of “How” and closed it tight, put it up on the top shelf of my inner most mind and began practicing riding the wave of my own inner wisdom.

The result? More fun, more smiles, less stress!

The result? My newly released book, Living with Grace ~ A Story of Love and Healing Leaving Paw Prints on the Heart danced with the #1 New Release in the Pet Cats AND New Age Channeling categories. The cool thing for me? I have no idea what the requirements are to achieve this notoriety. I just know that the book touched hearts enough for people to purchase it early in its debut.

Thank you for YOUR contribution to my success.

And if you’re ready to learn to ride the waves of your own life, I am ready to make that happen with you.