Doing something different yields different results

We all wear hats. All different shapes and sizes, colors and materials. Some suit us, some don’t. Some fit ok and some make us shine. Some worked once upon a time, but now we are so comfortable with them hanging around, it has never occurred to us to let them go.

Some hats overlap with others. You might find yourself trying to pull your roles apart and you know what? They are so entangled you can’t.

I participated in a three day virtual retreat last week. A good portion was dedicated to six hats of the Entrepreneur. It highlighted what hats I shine in wearing and what hats I just as soon toss in the trash.

Some hats are necessary to wear but they constrict and bite and are uncomfortable.

==> Are you following a path wearing the wrong hat?

==> Or wearing a hat that fits great but no longer suits you?

==> Do you recognize which hats make you shine the brightest?

Are you weary of all the hats in your closet and wandering down the path looking for a hat that is absolutely perfect? (— if you’ve ever gone shopping looking for the perfect hat, you know the challenge!)

If you are, you may be feeling quite vulnerable — like the crab that has shed its protective shell and is in the in between place of growing a new, larger one,

==> Are you ready to step into a bigger, better version of you?

==> Are you done swimming in the baby pool with the minnows?

==> Is it time to find your new hat?

You don’t need to know what hat you’re looking for. In fact, honestly, the hat usually finds you when you are not looking so hard. 

Rather than wandering aimlessly why not do something different? Doing something different yields different results.

I have a few openings for my From Quietly Unhappy to Boldly Confident — Your Action Plan call. Once you throw your old hat in the ring with your purchase, I will send you a lifeline in the form of a scheduling link. Let’s get you ready and gorgeous.

The world is waiting for a new you!