Word Power: Amplify

soul word power Mar 02, 2018

The statement “My Soul craves more ….” was put before me and my answer was More UN-Winter…


Given that that really is only possible by my moving to a different state or flying somewhere where winter is not so harsh for a hiatus, I allowed myself to muse.

Using Lisa Sonora Beam’s prompts from her 30 Day Journaling Project, my musing began. She posed this:

Why not make a list of things that reawaken your sense of the beautiful. Or whatever other positive qualities you care to amplify in your life. Sense of wonder? Sense of peace? Sense of joy? Sense of gratitude?

I wish to Reawaken and Amplify ALL those things, don’t you?!

I latched on to AMPLIFY…. What does Amplify mean, anyway?

  • To increase the strength of
  • To make louder by increasing the strength of electrical signals
  • To give more information about
  • To expand by the use of detail, illustration, additional analysis

What would your (my) life look and feel like if there was more

Beauty       Joy          Peace

Wonder                 Gratitude      in it?

How can you (how can I) bring more of those qualities into your life so you are not oppressed by your circumstances or surroundings? The biggest answer for me is


Maybe that’s flowers. Perhaps that’s art. Maybe a new shirt or sweater that is BOLD and DiFferent. Everything is energy and vibration, so COLOR has a scale of LOUD to soft…

Amplify Beauty. ~ Amplify your sense of Wonder. ~ See things through the eyes of a child – see the miracle in things you’ve come to take for granted. ~ Amplify.

What will you amplify today?

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