Women With Passion ~ An Interview

An interview with Kimberly Riggins, a dynamic coach with a heart for women.

"I'm often drawn to others who are very grounded, walk their talk and have a story to tell. That is definitely why I love Marita Rahlenbeck.

I had the pleasure of meeting Marita through a coaching program we were both taking. I was always in awe of her passionate insight and her ability to read through people’s energy.

She is truly a healer. You can see it in her heart and it radiates through her soul.

Let’s get to know her."

Tell me a little about yourself and your mission.

Since the mid 90’s I have been on a path of significant spiritual awakening.  At the time, however, I was not as aware of my path as I am now. I experienced an internally loud desperation of wondering “IS THIS ALL THERE IS?”

On the outside it appeared as though I had it all (home in suburbs, two cars in the garage, married, a daughter)… Inside, though, I was unhappy. With that quiet unrest came a revolt, and that revolt took me from my marriage and my safe suburban rambler into the desert of the Unknown. This is where I found myself. And now, my mission is helping that quietly unhappy woman (man) who longs to find herself but doesn’t know how. She (he) is the one who finds her way to me.

The knowledge and tools I have gained over the years have been incorporated into my skill set and are called upon as needed.

I have studied many modalities: Reiki, Essential Oil Therapy, Cranial Sacral, Animal, Crystal and Energy Medicine, to name a few.

Why are you so passionate about this?

The world is hurting, and the people in it are hurting. This hurt is so unnecessary. As I do my work and witness the breakthroughs, the relief, the joy, I am repeatedly reminded that this is my calling.

My job on this planet at this time is to give people the opportunity to step out of their unhappy routine, their robotic life and see the possibilities that when the Light shines on and in them, these possibilities are screaming to be let go and given birth to!

What I do is sacred as I mirror the Divinity of who you are back to you.

When did you realize you were destined to this important calling?

In 2010 I was guided to undergo a complete rebrand, beginning the process of letting my 11 year old Honoring Earth company go by rolling it under Marita International, LLC.  That is when I was shown a glimpse of the importance of working with people at the Soul level. As I listened to the still small voice of my guidance and began the process of this change I was to undertake, the magnitude, quite honestly, was still out of my vision. Now I know I am truly seeing and feeling the weight of responsibility that lies within my calling.

We are all birthed a little at a time. Each time a client experiences a shift or a life change they’ve been longing for, I am reminded of why I am here.

If you had to inspire us in just 2 sentences or less, what would you say?

You have gifts and value within you along with the spark of the Divine. When you need support on your internal spiritual journey, I can help you.


This interview originally published Spring 2013