Turn Your Bloopers Into Your Greatest Blessings

In a traditional job when we make a mistake, you know what will happen. Wrists slapped, maybe called out in front of others around a boardroom table, perhaps even fired. (When I worked for a huge international company for a department President, he loved to send me to the principals office: the HR dude. And that was after he yelled at me. It was a joke, and the two of us (HR guy) would just sit and talk… At least I wasn’t decorating a desk for those moments.) 


But with comedy the error is proudly showcased and shown over and over again. They are known as “bloopers.”


Wow. What a reframe.


What if you took your small or massive errors and failures and reframed them?You’ll always find the blessings when you take time to look for them inside the “failure.”


What if you take the lessons and leverage them in a unique, powerful, unconventional way?


Years ago I attended a Young Living convention and we could buy a bottle of Lavender/Peppermint essential oil. It is and was not on the menu, was only available at the Mona Farm, with a limit of one per person.


Why? It was a mistake. They had inadvertently added both plant materials into the large cookers… 


It’s a beautiful combination — indeed, the two oils together are great in a diffuser. Add lemon and wow it amps it up a bit! 


An example of an error made right, because how could it be wrong?!


If I had not worked at that large corporation and suffered at the hand of a real power over man with an ego too big for his own good, I would never have met my husband. I’d not have my daughter. And I’d not have my grandson.


What failures do you hide from that could be turned around into something quite beautiful?


What if your perceived failure shows you one way it doesn’t work instead of it being labeled wrong?


Is it easy for you to see the blessings hiding in plain sight? 


Is it time to reframe some life episodes so you can heal, move on and thrive?


I’m opening a few Case Study spots for individuals desiring to take their life experience to the next level. If that’s you, please message me!