The Sneaky Side of Grief

This chair.
It's older than I am.
My dad bought it for my mom when she was pregnant with me.
I don't even remember how it came to be mine? It's weird how sometimes I remember EVERYTHING about an experience, a thing and sometimes I have no idea ....
Why am I sharing this chair with you today? Because it's a weekend. And the last several weekends I have wanted to sit myself in this chair and call my mom.
I used to call her once a week - usually on a weekend. She was so funny in her inconsistencies. Sometimes she would talk and talk and talk. (I would put her on speaker and just listen) And sometimes she would say a few words, too busy or distracted to chat and the conversation would be over in just a few minutes.
I was grateful when she recognized my voice and had delight in hers.
Maybe I miss her more because it's January and I usually flew to Florida around now? (she lived there; I do not!)
I don't know. What I do know is that grief and loss circulates and percolates and it's important to honor it when it shows up.
It may be just sitting and crying. It may be writing (both of which I am doing now).
It may be holding a special item as sacred (like I do this chair). I love to sit in it and just be. Or read. Or call a friend.
How do you diffuse your moments of grief?
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Go here to see the full photo of this cool chair.