The Miracle of a Spoonbill

I believe in signs, don’t you?!

And sometimes a sign might come in the form of a spoonbill!

I was recently walking one of my favorite beaches – I adore the beach – and I noticed a line – a long line in the sand that clearly had been created by a sea creature moving. My curiosity got the best of me. As I visually followed it away from the shoreline, I saw a spoonbill. – I have NEVER seen a spoonbill in the wild! – I forgot all about this curious line and what kind of creature created it; my attention was now focused on this beautiful, unique bird.

I was SO excited!

You see, my parents address is Spoonbill #10. My mother passed 3 1/2 years ago, and I was in Florida with my sister checking up on dad. It isn’t looking good and all the variables, choices, decisions has us both reeling.

My prayer just before this miraculous spoonbill sighting was – I don’t know what to pray.

I observed this unique, lovely bird for quite some time, then went for my walk contemplating so many things.

An hour later it was still there. I believe my walk had been book ended with a sign from my mother – encouraging me because tough decisions need to be made. You can think I’m crazy, but it sure feels like a mini miracle! As I walked away, I turned around and the bird had taken flight. How very curious and interesting…


Do you have experiences like this? Or maybe you do and haven’t grabbed on to them as a message? Awareness is key to your ability to see the miracle for what it is. Share an experience you’ve had – recent or in the past – that you believe is a miracle.