“Now” is always a good time

Originally written during the "in between time" of Christmas / New Year holidays. Still relevant no matter what time of year you find yourself reading this. 


This in-between time.

Some of us coast and chill our way through.

Others of us plant the seeds to ensure a stellar and impactful next year.

At every turn, every time we are at a choice point. Which road? Which choice? What option?

Is there a right or wrong? 

What if?

Can you feel it?!

Depending upon a variety of influencing factors, there’s an aspect wanting to come forth to make the next choice.

Is there a right or wrong?

Personally, I don’t think so. The choice made results in a consequence and a learning experience for how we can do it differently next time.

What are you choosing to do in this in-between time? Who is knocking on your heart’s door wanting to be let loose? Will you answer? Yes? When? Now? After the calendar has turned the page into 2023?

I believe when we desire change—real, radical change—“Now” is always a good time. Why wait when you know you’re going to say yes? Eventually. 

Sometimes saying No “Now” gives the ego—that has been so very content—to step in and squash all your excitement about a potential future. And then the circumstances need to be recreated all over again to get you to the Yes! That’s What I Want! place again. Only this time, saying Yes is a bit harder… I see it all the time and the potential lost hurts my heart. 

It’s easier to stay home and watch a movie than get into the car and drive to the club to workout.

It’s easier to ransack the cupboard and throw something together for dinner than to get yourself to the grocery story to buy what you really would like to have tonight.

It’s easier to justify not investing in a coach now because you’ve made it this far, so what’s the deal with having help collapsing time?

==> Insert your own patterns of objections here. <==

I listened to this song from one of my mentors, Lee Harris, called Timelines. The words AND the choreography are excellent and makes me happy to be in his world. 

There is an aspect within that is waiting to be found, let loose and expressed.

Will you listen?

If so, maybe I can help.

I’m here when you are ready to say YES to your next…