How I Met Young Living Essential Oils

I met Young Living Essential Oils about 20 years ago at an outdoor wedding at a park near a city lake. A little bottle was passed around the group — there were just a handful gathered — not more than 20 people or so. I recall asking what is this, but I don’t recall the answer.

Shortly after that I attended a Women’s Expo in downtown Minneapolis. Cherie Ross had a double booth at the end of a row. I remember being intrigued and somewhat mesmerized by all the different things. I stood looking at all the tiny bottles and she said “Go ahead. You can choose one and try it.” Well, I had no idea which way to turn or how to make a decision. In the end she suggested White Angelica.

I recognized the yummy-ness of it immediately because it was the same essential oil blend that had been passed around at the wedding.

I was hooked, although I didn’t know it yet.

I still have my first order copy.

What I remember most about Gary Young is how he made science and chemistry fascinating for me. As a student growing up, math and science were not my strong suit. Reading, writing, art. But not the hard core studies.

With Gary, he made it easy. It was relevant. It was not conceptual.

His stories are priceless and fascinating. It’s astonishing to me how he’d trek through the jungles and forests looking for new plant species that had not yet been discovered. He would then distill and analyze the chemical constituents to learn how this plant could benefit us.

If you’ve not read his story as outlined in “D Gary Young — The World Leader in Essential Oils” you are missing out. I am sure this book houses just a fraction of his adventures.


I not only attended convention, but I completed the Raindrop Technique certification training under the tutelage of Gary Young himself. Back then it was called RDT, — Raindrop Therapy — until the government stepped in and said we can’t use the word Therapy. So it was changed. In the early days many product names were changed because the government stepped in saying the medical or pharmaceutical industries owned the name/word.

The Raindrop training was powerful. 500 people in the room, lots of lecture and hands on training. I loved it. He would go late into the night because there was so much to share.

At convention when I would see a throng of people gathered, guaranteed Gary was at the center in an unplanned lecture. Truly everything he uttered was great information.

Gary Young is the father/founder of the modern day essential oil movement. It is the result of his own personal journey through injury, tragedy, passion and purpose that we all, regardless of whether we use Young Living essential oils or not, have the luxury of these powerful, life changing little bottles.

My chiropractor, whom I have been seeing for his entire practice says: You were doing essential oils before it was kewl. Yes, I was. I was the one, along with other Young Living early adopters, who was the lone voice in a sea of naysayers and doubters with the sickle in hand clearing the way for you to enjoy, understand and benefit from the vision of Gary Young.

I am deeply saddened the world has lost such a bright light and brilliant mind that has meant so much to me personally. His wisdom and connection to the Divine is admirable and evident in his “downloaded” and divinely inspired blend formulations we get to use.

I wept when I learned of his passing. I cannot, simply cannot, imagine my life and my home without all those little bottles. They live in every room. They are my go-to for just about everything — from a drop added to a smoothie or a shot of Ningxia Red or a cup of tea to Valor on my feet at the end of a long day.

Oh! If you’re not using Young Living oils, surely you are missing out on one of life’s most simple pleasures!

Please take a moment to reflect on his life and the gift he gave us all.



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