How to Reverse Your Hair Color Naturally

I just got back from what will probably be my last above 60 degree weather walk. It looks cold and gloomy outside, yet it’s 65 and a bit humid.

Things can look different than they really are.

Take Asea Redox for example. These are cell signaling molecules that can appear to be innocuous and to some overly cynical people a joke. Why? Because the ingredient list is super short: Water and sodium chloride.

Two ingredients put through a complex biotech 3 day process which results in life enhancing, age reversing results.

Are you familiar with my story!?

I found them when Zoe was diagnosed with a fatal, there’s nothing to be done diagnosis. Her response was immediate; I watched her change before my eyes. I wanted to play!

So I did.

I have chronicled my results via videos and blogs so I won’t repeat myself.

The latest, though, is my HAIR! Of all things, around day 100 I noticed my hair color was changing. And all I’d been doing with the magical molecules was drinking 4 ounces daily. How easy is that … (my body had a LOT of changes, but the hair color thing — well that is delightful…) 

I ask the question: if that’s happening to my hair, imagine what’s happening on the INSIDE of my body.

What are you showing to the world that is contrary to what's happening on the inside? What would you like to see happen in your life and you don't know where to look for a solution? Maybe the amazing molecules of Asea Redox can help. 

Ready to give it a go? You can learn more here. This site has a button so you may schedule a meeting with me. 

And yes, that's the back of my head - taken during my month 4! FOUR!