Find Joy and Hope in Your Journey

I have many messengers of magic in my home that I have acquired over the years on my spiritual quest for wholeness.

One of the very first things I bought was a sweet, little hummingbird which hangs on a string from the ceiling. Today I took it down and dusted it off and I really looked at how beautiful it is and how for these many years it has given me the message of Joy. It has reminded me of the beauty not only of the hummingbird, but of life.

The piece is delicate, intricate and hand painted. It is truly a piece of art. It is very detailed and exquisite. There are many things that you can glean from this. You can glean not just the magic and message of hummingbird medicine, but when looking at the piece as art, you can access the pride that went into creation and painting of it. It’s interesting to realize that I have objects around my home and office that I know exactly where and when I bought them. Sometimes I even remember how much I paid for them.

Do you have things around your home like this as well? 

When that type of anchor lies within an object, it holds all of the intention and hope that was seen at levels perhaps not known at the time.

I signed up for a retreat when my marriage was falling apart and I was in a place of serious questioning over my faith and what I’d been taught all my life, of what faith was, what it looked like and what it was supposed to do and not do.

This hummingbird was in a little shop on a way to the retreat. I remember it was $16 — why that’s significant, I have no idea. Is it significant? Maybe, maybe not.

This retreat for me was one of true exploring, searching and questioning everything I knew to be true.

This little hummingbird, for all these many years, has moved with me as I have moved. It has witnessed, in its own unique way, my journey. It is indeed beautiful. As a piece of art, as a piece of medicine, as a message that instills hope.

What instills hope in your home? What or who has witnessed your journey? Are you in a place of serious questioning? If so, I can help.