Evolution of Human Consciousness & Food?

In one of my Facebook groups the question was posed: What is your why? What is your driving force?

I found this question quite engaging… and had to pace. It’s not like I’ve never considered this before. It’s just how do I take a feeling and put words to it?

The first, most obvious answer, if we are all honest, is money. We have financial commitments from the basic food and shelter to the other things that bring pleasure like a nice meal out with a friend or a vacation with the family.

The obviousness aside, my WHY and driving force is the Evolution of Human Consciousness. That’s a mouthful, I know. I am not, however, a philosopher sitting in a stuffy, poorly lit office at the local university with books and papers piled high to the ceiling.

I am a humble servant doing my work, and I look just like you.

I approach the Evolution of Human Consciousness at the very basic level: food. I bring the awareness of my students to food and how it makes them feel. How inclined or disinclined one becomes after eating/choosing food and taking it up a notch or two as we move through the course.

I also bring in other elements. After all, food just IS until we add herbs, spices, and most of all Love into our meal preparation.

This is the driving force behind what I do. I love what I do, and I am very good at it.

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That all said, What is Your WHY? I’d love for you to share, as doing so helps it take shape. Be bold. Tell someone today!