Diabetes: Taking Time To Get It Right

  Part Three in Daniel's Diabetes Chronicle

Sometimes you just need someone to care. To be asked how it’s going and be heard, listened to, validated. Sometimes the answer requires action.

Such was the case with Daniel recently when I was there for a visit. At 72, having to repattern his lifestyle because his life literally depends on it is difficult, I’m sure. It is hard, frustrating, annoying and more. He had mentioned he’d gone a few consecutive times without getting a successful glucose reading. In frustration he’d given up.

It’s easy to brush something like that aside, as it requires sitting down and learning something new. And honestly, sometimes we would rather just now know or face the truth.

But before I left, I said let’s figure this out together. This is important.

I read the instructions step by step and then we found the error. He got a result of 129! The joy on his face was something to behold. He is not one to emote; so this was cool. 129 is such a drastic change from where this story began that my logical mind went to work. All these reasons why… Maybe/maybe not.

The following reading was 130. Wow. In just a few weeks, Daniel’s glucose readings had gone from 592 to 129. Like under a month. Crazy.

As a cleaning eating foodie advocate I’d like to credit it to his newly embraced food choices. But I know better. It’s a delicate marriage of what he chooses to eat, his medication and insulin.

That appliance in the kitchen known as a fridge — it’s super important what you put in there. Because what you put in there ultimately will end up on your dinner plate. Choose wisely.

You may not be struggling with diabetes, but you may have another struggle that involves your meals. Comment below and let’s start dialogue.

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