Censorship during Covid - the Gift Within

I have been banned!

I have been banned from Facebook — known as Facebook jail. I have no idea why.

I posted last week asking how the pandemic lockdown was affecting your emotions. An hour and a half later I was unable to post — anywhere!

I am known for uplifting, inspiring messages reminding you of the intrinsic importance of the Sacred. I am known for my posts supporting you with holistic ideas around food, nutrition, essential oils, mindset and more. Hmmmm.

This experience, coupled with the social distancing, has shown me the value and importance of human connection. Especially now, in a day and age when we cannot be with anyone other than those who live with us in our household. If you are someone who lives alone, you are literally alone. So the next best thing is virtual connection — be in a Zoom, Skype, What’s App, Facetime, or whatever tech piece you use, that’s an option — a very good viable option.

The next connector is social media. While there are many platforms, Facebook seems to be the most popular. That said, I have many in my sphere that in the last month of chosen to either leave the platform outright or are taking a sabbatical. Where do you enjoy spending your time? What should I know about?

Community is crucial, however. The importance of community is very, very important — with or without a pandemic — and not being able to share with my facebook community has been frustrating, especially given I have no idea what my infringement was!

I have done a bit of research and most of the information suggests Facebook jail lasts between 3 - 21 days, but as many as 30. …. How can I continue to communicate with you?!

How can I support you at this time?

How are you?

If you are like me, some days, your emotions are all over the place. They are like the ball in the arcade pinball game. My emotions go from feeling good and confident and the next moment emotions come from “nowhere” and I lose it all. I don’t know what your triggers are, but I know you have them. I wonder that as we get deeper and deeper in this pandemic that maybe our triggers will become more frequent?

Our need for human connection is real.

Here’s the irony:

I have two Facebook communities. The first is my Holistic Gathering Place. It’s a free community where we talk about anything holistic — how to support your lifestyle from a holistic place to create harmony in your life.

While right at this moment I am unable to create new content for you, I would like to extend the invitation that you join me there. When you click through, it will take you to the group which has 3 intake questions, for the first question, just answer “your blog invitation” or something similar and I’ll approve your request.

My second group, Journey to Grace, is a Premium membership group. If you are looking to create more intentional grace in your life, if you are someone who is intentional about creating your own reality, stepping into your best and highest self, or wishes to learn how to do this, I extend the invitation for you to join this community absolutely free — the ONLY thing I ask of you for this complimentary offer is that you answer the three questions upon entry. That’s all. That’s a pretty good deal and helps me help you better anyway!

I have some ideas brewing for community interaction off Facebook, so stay tuned!

Stay safe; be well.