Ask and it is Given

Meet Grace. She is my one eyed Goddess. I met her Soul just over a year ago. She came to live with me just under a year ago.

She is a traumatized, rescue kitty. And this morning she taught me a lesson. Let me share it with you.

She sits at the sliding door asking to be let out. She loves being on the deck. Yet as I walk to the door, she runs away. All the goodness I have bestowed upon her is forgotten and her pattern of fleeing kicks in.

How can I let her out if she runs away from the very thing she’s asking for?

Sound familiar?!

Wow. That was a realization for me, too!

Where in your life are you asking for something and when it’s “this close” you bolt and head in the other direction?

Has not the Universe, or God, or whatever word you attach to a power higher than yourself always provided? Maybe not how you exactly asked for it, but has indeed provided.

It is said Ask and it is Given. So ask. What is your heart longing for? That longing would not be instilled in your heart if it were not possible to achieve. You need to trust the Divine to open that door. You need to challenge yourself to stay put while God walks to the door ready to open it so you may get to that which you so desire.

Trust. Trust!

Eventually, after Grace and I do this dance of please let me out and running away, she does trust — long enough for me to actually open the door so she can go outside.

You can too.

Please share your deepest longing in the comments. Your stating it “out loud” brings it to a new form of life and that much closer to you. When you do, I shall hold it in my thoughts and prayers for you, too.

Blessings to you and your deepest longings! May they manifest!