Aligning With Your Holistic Journey

This week someone said I was a walking encyclopedia. Well, after I said one of my mentors was just that she quickly interjected So Are You.

I had never considered myself a walking encyclopedia! 

It was really something to be told that, and quite frankly, I rather liked it.

Yesterday I was speaking with someone about the Asea Redox and she said Well You Always Have Good Products.

Earlier in the week someone else told me something similar.

And just now, as I write this, I remember someone else telling me the same thing a few months back.

I have been “doing this” for so many years; people just know they can come to me with a big thing or a little thing.

Why am I telling you this?

To let you know that I am here for the long haul. 

I started this holistic journey in the late 1990s. It has revolutionized my life. I love to learn; I love to help people. Yesterday someone asked me for a referral to a dentist. She’s needing someone beyond the conventional dentist. 

Over the many years, people have come to realize that I am a resource for many things that involve your health from the alternative vantage point.

Once you learn something you can’t unlearn it. It takes a certain person to ignore what they have learned, and that’s not me.

Each and every New Thing I have learned about has found me. I have never gone out and said, I need to find xyz. I honestly don’t really know what that would be like. Do you? Similarly, I found my coaches and mentors in an indirect manner — when I wasn’t looking. 

That’s the beauty about living in the flow. 

What has been on the edge of your awareness nudging you to give it attention? 

What has you curious but you’ve not followed the promptings?

If I have anything in my arsenal that’s been tapping you on the shoulder or screaming out loud, reach out. It’s time to align with your holistic journey. Start, up level, accelerate!

That said, here’s a heads up that during August (how exactly are were approaching August already!?), I am celebrating my birthday all month long. My birthday, your delight. Keep your eyes open for discounts on my courses, coaching and maybe a flash sale or two. I will allow the flow to happen for that.

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