Transforming Health in 90 Days

I realized this weekend that my 90 days are up.

Let me explain.

I started using Asea Redox Cell Signaling Supplement April 1, 2022. Why? Because I observed my cat Zoe respond so fast — and so remarkably positive. It didn’t look like she’d survive the weekend, but instead I was gifted with 96 days. This makes my heart happy. Her quality of life was really very good and only the last 4 days were quite difficult — and I believe that was because she stopped eating her moist food which was the delivery system I used — with her food. 

Her immediate response was so mind boggling for me, I decided I wanted to “try it.” And, just as I teach that when you begin anything new, you give it 90 days, I jumped in knowing I was in for 90 days.

During the first 30 days I did not consciously notice anything, except that my teeth felt clean all day long! Isn’t that an interesting “side effect!” Nonetheless, I stayed true to my commitment.

On day 34 I visited my chiropractor. And while I was face down he asked: what are you doing differently? You barely need me and you’ve never been in this condition after 5 weeks.

After I responded that I was not doing anything differently, it took me a few minutes and I said: wait a minute. I’m drinking this funny liquid…. 

Later that day I connected another important dot: On day 13 (13!!!!! April 13) my cranial sacral practitioner said my brain felt smooth (8 year TBI survivor here). The previous visit was March 27… and she said it felt jagged. 

Even though I was not FEELING anything changing, deep inside my brain and body, things were changing. 

This is SO very exciting for me! I remember my neurologist confidently saying that after 18 months “what you’ve got is what you’ve got.” — implying that healing doesn’t happen after that.

I did not buy into that. At all. I kept moving forward; I keep moving forward. 

Some people say it’s expensive. 

What IS expensive anyway? Isn’t it expensive to be in pain all day everyday? Isn’t it expensive to have no quality of life because you exist from morning til night and call it a triumph? Isn’t it expensive to live your age rather than defy it? 

I’d gladly exchange a bit of cash for progress in my health and quality of life. How about you?

Some people can’t get passed the taste and don’t wish to understand the reason behind why they taste what they taste. Some people don’t taste anything. Doesn’t this beg a bit of education?

Everyday I learn more about the technology of cell signaling. This breakthrough technology is where essential oils were 30 years ago. My (other) chiropractor (yes, I have more than one, each with their own gifts), said: you’ve done oils before they were KEWL… 

Yes I did. And now essential oils have gone mainstream.

Influencers like Tony Robbins and Steven Kotler have written about cell signaling in their works. Would I have picked up on it without my experiences with it? Probably not.  But it doesn’t mean it’s not there. 

All health begins in the cells. And when there is optimal cellular communication — optimal cell signaling — you can experience optimal health.

Health is NOT the absence of pain. 

With optimal health comes a better quality of life.

After 90 days, I’m in. I’m so intrigued and excited to see what will happen next.

If you’d like to join me, I’d welcome a conversation.