Signaling Molecules Quietly Heal From the Inside Out

I acquired this funny looking device (far left) when my ex husband died in early 2020. I remember asking him what it was. (Doesn’t it look like a polisher of some sort?) He said it was a massager.

I have since learned this from my chiropractor who uses a professional version of this funny thing: A massager is for the muscles. A percussive device (which this is) is for the fascia. That makes sense because John had had a knee replacement.

Once I took the time to learn about this device I found myself using it frequently. So frequently I did not put it away.

Summer of 2020 I had out patient surgery on my calf.  One would think that a small 3 inch incision would not be a big deal, right?


For the first few days, even climbing stairs would tear the two layered stitches because of where on the calf the incision was.

I was restricted in movement and stretching — both had been daily, non-negotiable practices.

Fall of 2021 I was so frustrated by the weakness in my leg (I had to physically lift it up and over the bathtub as I stepped into the shower), I sought physical therapy. I was told my thigh was much SMALLER than the other. It had no strength.

This is all background of the condition. There’s more to the pt and my recovery, but what had happened was the fascia was so tight from not being addressed that it pulled all the way up to my hips and head. Just follow along the meridian to get an idea of how the body is all connected.

Percussion is like magic for the fascia. Just a few minutes and the pain would be gone and I could walk.

This week, I put that percussive away. I had not consciously realized it, but my body is in full-on recovery. And I believe it is from ASEA Redox Signaling Molecules.

When we try a new something — a food, practice, supplement, etc. — we take it for what I call “what’s on top.” The problem with that is what we think is “on top”  may be a symptom of what is actually the cause.

I have been seeing a myofascia/cranial sacral professional for many years to address my brain injury. She knows my body. She knows my brain and how it feels. At my last visit, day 44 of my beginning my Redox supplementation, she said my hips were 75% better. (she said my brain was 50% better from the previous appointment, but that is another story for another time) In fact, as I was driving to the appointment, I was curious that I had no pain in my hips.

And as I almost stumbled over the percussive device the other day, I realized Wow. I have not needed that in quite some time.

Pretty remarkable. And honestly just one of the amazing results I have experienced.

And it all began with my cat Zoe’s terminal diagnosis and seeing a simple post on social media — on the same day.

I followed my intuition and it bought me over 90 days with Zoe and now my health journey continues. I am so curious where it will take me. 

If you’re interested in learning more for any reason, I invite you to comment here or message me.