From Lay Off To An Expanded, Happy Life

Budget retrenchment.  1982.

Another word for layoffs.

I was in that group of layoffs from a rather sweet job on the University of Minnesota, St. Paul campus. I’d been promoted — at a rather young age — and I had a “staff” of one.

Then I didn’t.

Remember the want ads in newspapers?

That’s where I found my entry into what I now know as network marketing.

I joined TransArt Industries, an accessory design company in Atlanta.

Art, color, creativity. Completely my thing.

It was easy; I built a team of others just like me and full fledged interior designers, lighting experts and more.

I had clients that wanted more. So I did all the things to be “legit.” I secured wholesale accounts with businesses that complimented each other.

Today, as I prepared for a B-roll photo shoot for a local consulting firm, I remember all this.

Early in my Interior Accessory Design career all the places to do business (buy the wallpaper, paint, sculptures, etc.) were not localized.

That all changed when a beautiful building was renovated into what is now known as International Market Square. Today it is open to the public… Back then it required credentials and invitations to gain access. 

The architecture is exquisite.

Later in the 1980s I was asked to teach “non-textiles” at a local downtown college (since sold to a larger entity)… I took my students to this building to look at the design features and expand their thinking.

I was initiating expansive thoughts even back then!

I don’t recall what happened to TransArt. I soared up the ranks, earned expensive gifts, and learned how to speak on stage (terrified, I might add) in front of hundreds of people. I focused on 3 people… My boyfriend in row 12. My “upline” and mentor in row one. And my Regional Vice President standing in the back smiling with pride.

I have no idea what I said. But I know it changed my life.

Network marketing is given a super bad rap. It’s not the marketing model that deserves this. It is a brilliant model that offers equality for effective effort.

It’s the people who promise the moon if you give them a penny. 

It’s the companies with less than stellar ethics. 

It’s the people who say YES to the chance to create something from nothing without putting a ton of cash on the table who expect it to be easy — and when it’s not, they quit. But of course it’s not their fault. 

Simply put: network marketing is a marketing model. It gives people the power. It puts money in small businesses rather than large conglomerates.

Your products are delivered via FedEx or UPS. Same as when you buy from Amazon, Best Buy or the smaller storefronts online.

At any rate. Network marketing has been in my world since that day I interviewed for a position with a woman named Jayne. I wish I knew where she was… I’d like to thank her.

If you are looking for a side gig. Or maybe even a new, expansive career, I am looking for self-led, eager people to help others regain or hold onto their health. You get me as your guide, mentor and coach. If you like my style, we’ll do just fine.

When we don’t have health, we got nothin’. 

When we don’t have health, our goals, dreams and desires are put on a shelf until we do.

Without health, we cannot step into the fullness of who we are.

If you’re desiring to improve your health, maintain your health and/or have extra money flowing into your bank account, I may very well be the answer to your prayer. 

When you ask, the Universe always answers.