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Grace Notes with Grace


A beautifully curated collection of powerful quotes, offering wisdom and grace, as found in Living with Grace, A story of Love and Healing, Leaving Paw Prints on the Heart

  • Encouragement to inspire confident action — for renewed belief
  • Nourishment for your Soul — a momentary Pause
  • Inspiration to empower you -- for strength


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Online Community

A place to come for nourishment, support and to dip your toes into the Sacredness of it all so you can experience calm alignment in the midst of the chaos.
If you have a huge mission and sometimes get so involved with your task list, overwhelmed with work/life/family balance, have a plate that’s full of everyone else’s favorite things (but not yours), I invite you to take a breath and come here to be seen, appreciated and put first.
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"3 Things Stopping You From Putting Yourself First"

Done putting yourself last in line all the time?  Exhausted from the spinning and serving everyone else but yourself? 

If you are ready to change that and begin to shine your light rather than dim it, I have a free gift is for you!
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The Quintessential Woman ~ The Poem

She came to me in the form of a Poem. 
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I AM Ready to Experience Her

Meet Marita Rahlenbeck, your Guide and Mentor on the Quintessential Path 

Marita Rahlenbeck, CEO of Harmonic Wholeness, Soul Mentor and Self Empowerment Coach helps women move from Quietly Unhappy to Bold, Confident and Courageous on their way to embody the Quintessential Woman they really are — they just need to uncover her. She is the author of Living with Grace ~ A Story of Love and Healing, Leaving Paw Prints on the Heart.

As an advocate of living a holistic, clean lifestyle, she loves to teach on these topics and relies on Young Living Essential Oils to elevate her life for optimal mind, body and soul health! With 20+ years experience and education in the aromatherapy field, she is frequently the go-to woman for help in this area.

Marita also loves to cultivate an appreciation for the Sacred in everyday experiences — experiences we sometimes take for granted and maybe even complain about — and elevates them to what she calls Sacred Mundanity. This spills over into her work with individuals and groups alike.

Marita is a warm, wise, loving, tuned-in soul who helped me through a challenging event that had been brewing for some time. With her warmth and knowledge I was able to feel not only okay, but actually great, throughout what could have been a difficult time. Her presence (and presents!) is her gentle yet powerful guidance. I highly recommend working with Marita, whether you’re going through a challenging time or want authentic inspiration to fulfill your dreams. 

Tracey C.