Her dress flowing behind her, she walks along the beach feeling the sand squish between her toes. She hears the gentle whisper of her calling in syncopated rhythm to the laps of the ocean around her ankles.


A sudden wave splashes up her leg and she has a momentary glimpse — just a glimpse — of her true Divine Perfection.


She continues along the beach.


Another lap up her leg: She sees that she is Pretty — no indeed, she sees and knows that she radiates Divine Beauty.


She continues along the beach.


She feels the deep longing within her, this burning lust to uncover something she cannot quite name. It’s there, right on the edge. Why won’t it reveal itself??


She keeps walking, as if on a Vision Quest. She knows if she puts one foot in front of the other and trusts the Divine Sacred Path, all will be revealed.


This Knowing is an act of Surrender. This Knowing will take her from Quietly Unhappy to the embodiment of her Quintessential Grace.


It is then that the ocean delivers the baptismal wave and she sees her Path clearly.



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Channeled 2021