What's been said | Praise

β€œThank you for making it fun.” ~ Cyndi Caughron, Minnesota, USA

Marita Rahlenbeck’s gifts continue to surprise me. As an energy healer and Soul Mentor, Marita is open to listening deeply and intentionally at a Soul level to her clients. This means Marita is continually expanding and growing in response to what each individual she works with needs.
Marita seems to have that rare ability to be a conduit for universal loving energy and yet not confuse herself, and her individual ego, with that larger healing force. Because of this, Marita has a sense of humor about both herself and the world, which I find helps to ease deep and old pains into release and love.
Marita also has an attention to business detail that is rare in the world of energy work. She is always on time, she keeps detailed notes and she is quick to follow-up on any commitments she makes. This makes the practical side of working with her always run smoothly. Marita has my whole-hearted endorsement.
Jina Penn-Tracy, Minnesota, USA

~ • ~ • ~

It has been wonderful to reflect on my lessons of yesterday evening [at the Receive Circle].  Learning to receive is an important aspect of creating the life that I desire!  I am consciously shifting … to gratitude.
In conjunction with that, I continue to create Ease.  It's so easy to receive!
I am truly grateful to have attended the event last night, and I am very grateful for you!
Mary Sue P, Minnesota, USA

 ~ • ~ • ~

I have found my sessions with Marita to be very relaxing and healing experiences.  During time on the BioMat I experienced an opening of my heart and an emotional release, as well as a sense of overall healing and energy. That increased energy and sense of integration lasted for some time.  
I am amazed at the simplicity and power of the BioMat experience. I am grateful to Marita for putting me in touch with such wonderful resources for healing, at a time when I have needed them!
Thank you Marita!

Nancy S, Minnesota, USA

 ~ • ~ • ~

I wanted to let you know what an incredible response I'm having with the BioMat!  I've had difficulty sitting for more than a couple of hours due to nerve damage following a vaginal hysterectomy.  Sitting on the BioMat, set to the highest level, for at least 30 minutes, 3 times a day, ... has made the sitting tolerable. On days that I must work in the office and don't take my BioMat along, I come home and ... sit on the BioMat.  What a relaxing way to ease my discomfort!  

I am still taking oral pain medication, but have been able to cut back on that and hope to totally be off it soon.  Thanks again! Everyone with various types of discomfort, (or just to get a soothing time on the mat) ... should at least [schedule an appointment] to try it out.

Wanda C, Minnesota, USA

 ~ • ~ • ~

“Marita has a playfulness and charming wonderment around her intuitive gifts.

If you are looking for a “guru” Marita is not for you. If you are looking for a sincere seeker with rare gifts and a down-to-earth sense of humor, you will thoroughly enjoy working with Marita.”

Jina Penn-Tracy, Minnesota, USA

 ~ • ~ • ~

“One of the things I love most about Marita is her openness and willingness to hold whatever I bring to her in confidence and love. I know that there is no judgment and only accepting. Marita accepts everything I bring to her and holds space for me to explore, share and uncover myself in a space that is loving and inviting. I encourage you to connect with her in order to feel fully blessed and alive in who you are.”

Jennifer Grant, Minnesota, USA

 ~ • ~ • ~

“Marita’s super power is clarity. She can see beyond the everyday, the situation and specific circumstances that we so often get caught up in. Her vision for my business and her thoughts on how to move towards it were simple but power-filled. Thank you Marita.

So much love and gratitude.”

Grace Quantock, Wales, United Kingdom

 ~ • ~ • ~

“Within moments of connecting with me, Marita had picked up on my exact issue!

I LOVED how hands on and interactive Marita’s technique is. She combined coaching, experiential, and visual elements, which really helped me see and feel my blocks in a whole new way. I was able to tap in to where they were in my body and became very aware of the sensations that accompany them and understand how they were affecting the rest of my life.

She also gave me a stretching exercise to do to release my psoas to keep the energy flowing and explained how I can clear myself using my everyday task of showering! Love that she showed me how to use something I already do every day in a more intentional way!”

Mara Belzer, California, USA

 ~ • ~ • ~

“I am so happy! You have been on my mind and in my heart. I cannot find the words to express how grateful I am for all you shared with me. My feet didn’t touch the ground [for days]! I feel like all my molecules were adjusted, and I am a new person. So much of the past baggage has been dropped, along with most of the pain.”

Janice Matsumoto, Hawaii, USA

 ~ • ~ • ~

“Marita is a wise and intuitive teacher and healer. She has many tools in her tool belt to assist her clients on their journeys. She teaches hands on, do-it-yourself with guidance. High consciousness, enlightening, delightful, and simple. She knows the art of questioning and inquiry. Her curiosity, good humor, and gentleness are wonderful. She is joy-filled. Make an appointment! Marita will change your life!”

Jeana Watts, Texas, USA

 ~ • ~ • ~

There are those times in life when one is so immersed in something, so deeply, personally and emotionally saturated in a “problem” or “challenge”, that it is difficult to see the forest for the trees. It is difficult to see a path out of this saturated place.

During these times it is extremely helpful to have a teacher or mentor by your side to gently guide you to help you notice those things that the Universe has arranged for you to see, feel and experience. When I reached out to Marita for help, she was there for me; I came away from the experience with a clear understanding of my choices and the paths I could take. Marita helped point out what the universe had set up for me to see and learn that day. It was a most wonderful experience! One that I will never forget. Thank you, Marita.

Mary Cherry, Minnesota, USA

 ~ • ~ • ~

“Bless your beautiful heart! Thank you so much for the opportunity to talk with you. I felt such a connection with you from the beginning of our conversation. Your observations were goose bump inspiring and eye opening – and heart opening. My heart is light and hopeful.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Barb Bullock, Colorado, USA

 ~ • ~ • ~

“Marita is an amazing intuitive healer that tunes into the needs of the client immediately. Her deep knowledge of essential oils and opportunity to experience the crystal healing bed (Amethyst BioMat) is an amazing experience that left me feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated! If you are looking for a way to release pain, let go of emotions or just want to de-stress, I highly recommend Marita’s services.”

Julie Lyden, Minnesota, USA

 ~ • ~ • ~

“I love you, Marita, for all the wisdom you share and the courage you express through your Beingness.”

Wendy Weatherwax, North Carolina, USA

 ~ • ~ • ~

“It is a great privilege to share your gifts. Thank you for all the love and healing you offer up to the Universe.”

Lesa Passmore, Pennsylvania, USA

 ~ • ~ • ~

“I want to express my gratitude for the affirmation I get by your presence and understanding. THANK YOU.”

Patti Yaritz, Minnesota, USA

 ~ • ~ • ~

“YOU inspire me Marita. Thank you for being you.”

Lisa Metwaly, Minnesota, USA

 ~ • ~ • ~

“I want to personally thank you for your kindness and insight. You have guided me in directions that have opened my eyes to what is possible. I continue to be impressed by your creativity and skills in so many areas. I’m blessed to have met such a remarkable old soul and to call you ‘friend.'”

Bobbi Eckes, Minnesota, USA

 ~ • ~ • ~

“From the depths of my heart, thank you for being a grounding place for my soul.”

Jan Douglas, Pennsylvania, USA

~ • ~ • ~

“I went to Marita to experience [a session working with crystals] and was truly amazed.
I left feeling very good and knowing it was a positive experience. The real "magic" presented itself in the following days and weeks. I realized that I had walked away with true knowledge that supports my success and well being. It was truly fascinating how the events and conversations played out supported the information she interpreted for me.
I look forward to sharing this experience with others and continuing the process myself.”

RM, Minnesota, USA