Are you Quietly Unhappy and ready to unmute yourself?

4 Important Keys to Live On Purpose and Embody Your True Nature


Are you tired of feeling trapped and ready to soar?


You are ready to take the active role to make your quality of life how you really want it!


Let's uncover your true, Quintessential Self together!


4 Important Keys to Live On Purpose and Embody Your True Nature is a four part masterclass showcasing short, bite size videos to open your awareness and heart.


You’ll discover how to:


unlock the door to possibilities

invite joy into your life

feel safe, validated, nurtured, witnessed

• all while feeling expansion, trust, excitement to actively create your best life


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I Am Ready To Create The Life I Really Want

Why you should invest in yourself:

You deserve it.

These four keys, once you understand them and have the awareness of how they fit into the landscape of your ever evolving Transformation, you’ll have a calmness within yourself that allows you to relax into your life in a new way. It is then you will be ready and excited to continue “on Purpose” and with Purpose and begin to embody your true nature. Doesn’t that sound delicious!?

Ultimately you are in control of your destiny, your emotions, and the trajectory of your life. Are you ready to take your power back and live the life you want?

It all begins with a choice — a choice only you can make.


Your future self is waiting for you!


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 Only $111


I Am Ready To Meet My Future Self!


Key One

brings you to a place of less resistance and less judgement. You’ll be able to consider what your life will look and feel like in a place of Wholeness and Joy.


Key Two

shows you the importance of your words and actions and how they influence your life experience.


Key Three

reveals the importance of opening yourself up to others so you may experience true healing.


Key Four

is the gateway to your healing — a tenet many miss.

A New Start Awaits YOU!


Bundle Value $697

 Only $111


I Am Ready To Start!

Four simple, yet profound Keys

Our brains love a linear, sequential process. Life isn't always neat and tidy! Sometimes it's a hot mess, but with the knowledge of the four keys in your back pocket, you'll have a better handle on where you are and how to get where you'd like to be. 

I Want Personal Change and the Courage to Face Another Day!

Meet your Mentor & Guide, Marita Rahlenbeck

Marita Rahlenbeck helps the Quietly Unhappy find hope again. Leading with grace and modeling the Sacred in everyday life, she confidently leads clients to joyfully embrace life again by helping them achieve balance and calm for a deep sense of confidence. 

She is author of Living with Grace ~ A Story of Love and Healing, Leaving Paw Prints on the Heart, a multi-dimensional look at life, death, grief, and loss culminating with the Journey to Grace — taking the reader from Fear to the place of Authentic Grace.