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The Quintessential Suite

Quintessential Wellness Collective ~ Group Container 

Hmmm. This sounds perfect for me!

Immersion ~ Private, One on One Container


I Feel This and am Ready to go Deep
Meet Marita, your Transformational Coach


Quintessential Wellness Collective ~~ Deepen Your Roots, Unfold Your Wings, Embrace Your Inner Matriarch


You have a longing that stirs deep within. Some days you can see it, if only for a moment, other days it eludes you.

You’ve not been able to grab it long enough to see it and feel into it to figure out how it could change your life!

This longing — you know there’s something more, something bigger you’ve not yet met. This longing is like an unknown, nameless lover and it is frustrating.

What if?

What if this longing is a bridge? A bridge between the practical and the esoteric? A bridge between making daily, routine choices that support your body, your Sacred Vessel and your Inner Divine Essence — your Quintessential Self, the Quintessential Matriarch of who you really are?

This is what we will explore in my membership, Quintessential Wellness Collective ~~ Deepen Your Roots, Unfold Your Wings, Embrace Your Inner Matriarch.

This membership offers 

• Exploring and deepening lifestyle and quintessential topics

• Q&A/Integration call via Zoom

• Pop up surprises!

• Private Facebook community

• An optional 21 day opportunity to experience, as a group, a specific essential oil blend or single from Young Living Essential Oils each month (extra investment required)

We will dive deep into topics we don’t usually “have time” for but are so vital for our own expansion. Together, in this divine Collective, it will be easier for you to make it a priority, because you won’t be walking alone.

Soft launch pricing now through Cyber Monday. 


Founding Member Prelaunch Pay in Full: $444 

(regular Founding Member will be $777)

Prelaunch monthly price: $47  

(regular Founding Member will be $77)


The initial ten individuals who sign up will receive an exclusive invitation to participate in a group coaching session. This session aims to provide tailored guidance, helping you pinpoint your goals and focus areas, paving the way for you to create the fulfilling life you desire.

Claim Your Quintessential Power Here | ONE PAYMENT
MONTHLY PAYMENTS | Quintessential Wellness


Immersion ~

Nourishing Your Self and Your Inner Quintessential


Imagine having someone take your hand and lead you down a path to a beautiful mirror where you get to see your deepest longings — for real. Like the Mirror of Erised, the mirror in the Harry Potter series that reflected back the deepest desires to the individual peering into it.

What if you had the opportunity to do that with someone who could hold space for you to be brave enough to look AND see the Truth of who you really are?

Wouldn’t that be exciting!?!

Immersion — Nourishing Your Self and Your Inner Quintessential is exactly that. It IS the mirror you’ve been searching and yearning for to reflect magic back to you. And I will be the one to take your hand and lead you down the path.

This private, 1:1 opportunity offers:

Time set aside by you, for you, to dedicate the elevation of your own inner peace as you become the Seeker of your next step and the bigger picture of your life.

My time and ability to hold space and listen between the lines.

My ability to hear and see things on your behalf AND bring them back to your conscious awareness.

What does this unique offer look like?

We meet for a 3 hour block of time (with Pauses), and this is where the magic happens! 

You will then move into 3-4 weeks of integration and action taking, during which time you will have access to me for text coaching, guidance and encouragement. 

The Immersion experience concludes with a 30 minute anchor/integration call.


Black Friday Special Pay In Full: $888  (Regular Investment: $1111)

Payment Plan: 3 Payments of $300  (if you elect this option, your Immersion begins after last payment)

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Meet Marita


Meet Marita Rahlenbeck, a passionate advocate for clean living and holistic wellness. With over two decades of expertise in natural living through Young Living Essential Oils, Marita empowers others with her unique coaching approach, bridging our 3D lifestyle with esoteric truths.


As the embodiment of the Quintessential Matriarch, Marita blends ancient wisdom with modern holistic practices. Her transformative coaching guides individuals, especially women, to tap into their inner strength, fostering safe environments for their families while embracing clean living. 


Marita, a loving Oma, combines spirituality, business, and technology to offer holistic coaching. Join her mission to transform lives, create lasting memories, and lead a life rooted in wellness, wisdom, and love. Experience the power of Quintessential Matriarch coaching today.