FREE RECIPES: Six Easy, Quick and Delicious Recipes for your Optimal Health!

Have a Small Space to prepare meals? No matter what size your kitchen is, you deserve to prepare delicious meals that are full of Big Taste with clean, optimal-health ingredients.  

Easy, quick and delicious food is right around the corner! Food can taste good, and be good for you.  

Yes! I am In for Big Taste

What's cooking?

Main dish slow cooker meals 
Breakfast options  

Clean Eating

These recipes are all gluten free and grain free. dairy free; soy free, too. 

A little about me:

I’m Marita Rahlenbeck, your master Foodie.

I have creativity and food in my DNA. My mother was a great cook; my aunt worked as a hotel chef, a third aunt is a radical cook in a completely different (full on chaotic, hot mess!) way. My uncle was very intentional and health aware decades before it was fashionable. All were influential and inspirational in their own way.

A brain injury in June 2014 catapulted me into the kitchen because I was unable to do most things we all take for granted. I could not read and comprehend, listen to music or educational materials. What I could do was create. So I created with food. Deliciousness happened in my kitchen and healing happened in my body, brain and soul…

Food is healing…It is transformational…

And eating well is one facet of how I help my clients live a holistic life which ultimately has them remembering who they really are.


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