Finally Have a Purpose-Driven Life and a Big Reason to Get Out of Bed to Make a Difference in This World


For the Awakened Woman who is ready to be seen, heard and experienced as Her highest, truest self!

You know that time is slipping through your fingers as you live without a rudder, you’re playing small and life feels like a boring existence. You continue to grasp in the dark for that unknown “something,” longing and waiting for it to call to you.

That Frustration is Over! The Call is NOW!

When  you  hear  the  Call,  if  you  do  not  heed  it,  you  risk  disappointing  so  many:  the  She  of  the  Quintessential  Woman,  your  Soul  and  indeed all the lives you are to impact with her influence.

You know it is time…

• As you hear the Call, you know it in your belly, you feel it in your heart, your flesh will tingle with a Remembering.

• As you hear the Call She is wooing you with her Divine Perfection — for what is Divine Perfection really, if not a reflection of your very own self?

• She  wants  to  take  you  higher    to  the  next  level  of  who  you  are  and  how  you show up to Life.


That’s why I created…


The Quintessential Woman —

Remembering and Embodying Your Divine Perfection


Step Into Your Highest Self Today!


Yes, I Surrender to the Call!

What to expect during our Walk together:


An exploration and integration of the 5 Quintessential Essences and how they enhance your overall well being.

A look at the 5 Elements and their relevance to your purposeful life.

Design your best life — on purpose, with purpose — from a much higher level than you previously have.

Learn to bring playfulness into your words and manifestations all while allowing and watching the unfoldment of your new reality. 

You will meet and work with your Invisible Guidance Team at heightened levels.

Master the art of observing how you interact with the world and others. This skill impacts so much in your life!

A holistic approach to not only your body and subtle bodies, but how everything impacts everything.

How The Quintessential Sacred Walk works:


This Sacred Walk is a supportive, warm, empowering place where we go deep on 12 main areas, one each month, for a year.

Module One — Meeting Fire & Water Elements

Focus: Deconstruction to make room to Create your Solid, Deep Foundation

Before you can build something new, you must deconstruct what’s there — you must revisit the past and the choices you have made throughout your life. After you’ve made peace with your past, you can look forward to creating your future. Knowing where you are going, or where you want to go, makes it easier for you to  get  out  of  bed  each  day  so  you  can  take  steps  toward  manifesting  your heart’s desire. The year long journey begins right here and is the most important thing you can do right now.

Module Two —  Essence 1 — Assuredness

Focus: How Assuredness shapes and informs your life

Assuredness is an Essence that resides within the Human. Therefore, it is a foundational piece to understand and accept to make way for life to flow with effortless ease.

Module Three — Essence of Embodiment

Focus: Building a bridge from where you are to where you wish to be

The Essence of Embodiment is the bridge between your Human and your Soul. This is where you create something from an abstract idea into existence. It is also where you accept the humanness of who you are as well as Remembering your own inherent Divinity. Doing so will shift not only how you see the world, but how you animate within it. You then will come to understand who you are within the Whole of life and how important YOU are and why it’s paramount for you to take your Divine Soul Purpose into the world.

Module Four — Meeting the Element of Air

Focus: How the Element of Air influences creation

Expanding on the idea of Embodiment, one way to create is by using the Element of Air by intentionally speaking life into existence. What is your deepest longing? Give it voice. You will learn powerful and effective ways to use your breath/air (voice) to create your reality. 

Module Five — Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine

Focus: Understanding each and how they work together

Exploring both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine is a deep, exciting topic that, when understood — even at a cursory level— helps you see aspects of self, others and interactions in a different light. This topic naturally brings in elements of Sacred Geometry and how it can be used to help you with many things!

Module Six — Meeting the Element of Earth 

Focus: The gifts and magick of Gaia, Winter Edition

Moving into Winter, our psyche and body naturally longs and searches for the ideal conditions to support this period of going within. We will look at your overall well being, which includes your body, physical health, emotional health and strength and self care strategies for the season. You'll see and understand the importance of a holistic approach to creating optimal health and well being as well as see how you cannot address any one component in a vacuum. 

Module Seven — Essence 3 — Magick

Focus: Discovering the Magick all around and how we can intentionally create it

What is Magick if not miraculous? Creating something from nothing is a miracle and therefore Magickical. Creating with intention is within your power and is your birthright. This month will be juicy! The enchantress will be enticed. The magician within will be given the stage.

Module Eight —  Meeting the Element of Ether

Focus: This is the Element of the Quintessential Woman

She is the icing on the cake, the extra spritz of whipped cream on your strawberries. She, after all, is why you are here. This month you will delve even deeper into Her as you name all the qualities you have found hidden within. This, combined with the Essence of Magick, will indeed be a month to behold as you see a new version of yourself looking back at you in the mirror.

Module Nine — Essence 4 — Grace

Focus: Moving into a State of Being in Grace

To move into Grace, you must let go. Life is one choice after another. With each choice, the other options fall away. This is a tenet of quantum physics. Looking at where you are today, and what you have achieved thus far in life, what is your next move? What must you let go of next to move closer to your heart’s desire? The Essence of Grace is lovely! It shouts your beauty, elegance and excellence.

Module Ten — Divinity

Focus: Sacred Mundanity inside Divinity

Learning to recognize what is Sacred, what is “chop wood, carry water” and how they intersect to create your life will result in an expansion of self and a peace within your being. Once you learn and habituate how to see the Divine in yourself, your life and others, the natural outcome is a conscious awareness of your own personal connection to the Divine or your Higher Power. You will experience a completeness you did not yet know was there.

Module Eleven — Essence 5 — Wisdom

Focus: Accessing and using your Wisdom

Wisdom is something that IS. It cannot be learned, bought or borrowed. It is earned. It is earned through living life, getting burned, getting up and trying again. Only then does one achieve Wisdom. How does the Quintessential Woman achieve this Wisdom? She accesses it from deep within her life experiences, from the experiences she would rather forget about. She puts on a coat of bravery and goes into the self-inquiry. Wisdom is achieved in a systematic way. Follow this system and flashes of insight will be realized and believed, intuitive gifts experienced and so much more.

Module Twelve — Revisiting the Earth Element

Focus: The gifts and magick of Gaia, Summer Edition

Learning to appreciate Nourishment from a holistic and higher level will help shift your perspective on your choices. Rediscover the Joy of Food, because, quite frankly, sometimes food is an obstacle to joy filled living. And if that’s true, the opposite is also true: food can be used as a catalyst for change within your life.

“Marita is a wise and intuitive teacher and healer. She has many tools in her tool belt to assist her clients on their journeys. She teaches hands on, do-it- yourself with guidance. High consciousness, enlightening, delightful, and simple. She knows the art of questioning and inquiry. Her curiosity, good humor, and gentleness are wonderful. She is joy-filled. Make an appointment! Marita will change your life!”

~~ Jeana Watts , Texas, USA


If you are complacent and content to be the bobber in the water floating along and allowing the current to sweep you away, this is not for you.

But, if you’re ready to…

• meet your true, Divine Essence self, a version of yourself you had lost but now is within reach!

• experience a sense of Peace, Empowerment, Excitement, Hopefulness, Joy, Happiness, Blessed, Confidence.

• be held with love and support as you emerge from your cocoon.

Then, Let’s Do This Together!

I Want Peace and Happiness!

“Marita Rahlenbeck’s gifts continue to surprise me. Marita is open to listening deeply and intentionally at a Soul level to her clients. This means Marita is continually expanding and growing in response to what each individual she works with needs.

Marita seems to have that rare ability to be a conduit for universal loving energy and yet not confuse herself, and her individual ego, with that larger healing force. Because of this, Marita has a sense of humor about both herself and the world, which I find helps to ease deep and old pains into release and love.

Marita also has an attention to business detail that is rare in the world of energy work. She is always on time, she keeps detailed notes and she is quick to follow-up on any commitments she makes. This makes the practical side of working with her always run smoothly. Marita has my whole-hearted endorsement.”

~~ Jina Penn , Minneapolis, USA


When you heed the Call, you will feel supported like never before. That nagging notion that there is something more will finally be answered! The curtain to your True Self will slowly be pulled back at a pace that feels right for you. Without looking, you will continue to have the same old, same old. I know you want MORE than that! Joining us today will help you to fall in love with yourself, appreciate the Oneness, your standards will be lifted, new friends and support will show up for all of your desires to awaken.

The Quintessential Woman came to me – before I knew who she was. I felt a Presence just outside of reach. She hovered, wooed, beseeched me. After many days, I sat down and asked: who are you and what are you wanting of me?

That is when the Quintessential Woman poem was channeled and that is when She let it be Known that it is indeed time to bring this message of powerful Transformation to the world.

It is time. I answered the Call. Now, it is your turn!


I Am Ready!

Why trust me to take you on a year long Walk to meet the Quintessential Woman?

I have over 20 years experience working with individuals looking to heal their body, mind, and spirit. My clients long to be listened to, heard and validated. I believe it is your birthright to live in a place of deep inner peace, knowing who you are and why you have come. It is your birthright to Remember and Embody the Quintessential Woman.

In addition to an innate ability to ask the right, deep penetrating questions, I also have the ability to listen to the words you say and those you do not say. I bring a strong intuitive Knowing to our work and am able to hear what you need or cannot or will not voice.

On a more practical level I have extensive training and experience in many energetic modalities in addition to numerous certifications in the Aromatherapy industry. I bring all of this and more into this year long Walk to uncover the Quintessential Woman together.

Personally, I have gone through several Rebirth life episodes — divorce, major injury and a Traumatic Brain Injury as well as sudden, unexpected death of important people and animals — each with their own set of challenges and expansion opportunities. Each life episode has made me increasingly more compassionate.

If you’re being called to embody the Quintessential Woman that is you and you’re ready to answer Her, I am ready to take your hand and begin.

I Am Ready to Meet Her!

IT’S TIME to Meet Her

It's time to meet YOU,

The Quintessential Woman!


“One of the things I love most about Marita is her openness and willingness to hold whatever I bring to her in confidence and love. I know that there is no judgment and only accepting. Marita accepts everything I bring to her and holds space for me to explore, share and uncover myself in a space that is loving and inviting. I encourage you to connect with her in order to feel fully blessed and alive in who you are.”

~~ Jennifer Grant , Minneapolis, USA